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Before we can use intents, we need to declare the intent tsd apk файл. This will be in the AndroidManifest. We will discuss that in more detail later. Figure 2: Configuring a new project On the next screen, leave activity launcher apk default values and click Next. This activity launcher apk an application with a single activity. Figure 4: Adding a Blank Activity We then are prompted to customize the activity. We will leave the default values unchanged. Figure 5: Again, leaving the default values in place Click Finish to create the project files. Next, open AndroidManifest.

When the user clicks the Search button, the application will initiate a search. We also will put the query term as an extra on the intent and fire off the intent. QUERY, query ; if intent. Activity launcher apk we start the application перейти provide a search term, we will be prompted to choose from one of the intent handlers and a больше информации will be fired.

If you have trouble following along, you can download a sample of the code from the end of this article. Summary In this article, we learned about how to start an activity in another Android application. I hope you have found this information useful. About the Author Vipul Patel is technology geek based in Seattle. He can be reached at vipul. Subscribe to our newsletter below. Most Popular Developer Stories.

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