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Airscreen apk for Android

AirDroid has just recently received a massive update to v1. In addition, you can also manage and stream your airscreen apk videos airscreen apk on your browser, view extended device information along with the airscreen apk picture of your device on the web interface, airscreen apk lots more. As mentioned earlier, the mobile and web interface of AirDroid have undergone a massive change. AirDroid now uses the HTTPS protocol to allow you to establish an even safer remote connection between your device and computer.

Furthermore, it airscreen apk longer requires you to feed in the extensive IP address and port number to establish a login session. Instead, a much easier, safer and instant login mechanism has been introduced in the update. Now, all you need to do is open web. On your computer web browser, you are greeted with an altogether overhauled interface, complete with added controls, icons and desktop widgets. You can now easily reach out for your frequent contacts, natively capture screenshots of your current home screen and airscreen apk play, download and delete videos.

Using the search bar, airscreen apk can нажмите сюда search for the required Android apps on the Google Play Store and Airscreen apk. AirDroid offers you as many as four different desktop interfaces по этому сообщению you can utilize to manage various supported aspects of your device at once. For instance, you can have your files opened on one desktop, with the Android Detail widget displayed at the top-right corner and at the same time, using another desktop, you can remotely manage and playback all the music tracks stored on your SD card, with the calendar and weather widgets keeping you apprised of the current date and weather forecast of a region of your choice.

All the supported AirDroid widgets are of floating nature, which means that you can move them across various desktops, and maneuver them on the current desktop as per your requirement. The URL opener widget works as smoothly and effectively as the clipboard management widget, hence you no longer need to manually feed in extensive text bits or required URLs on your основываясь на этих данных. The screenshot capture tool of AirDroid is a welcome addition, too, especially for regular app reviewers like me.

Tapping the full-screen button provides you with an enlarged view of your Android home screen. The catch with capturing screenshots via AirDroid is that it works only on rooted Android devices. To learn more продолжение здесь rooting, you can go through our collection of root guides for Android devices.

Apart from all aforementioned goodies, the updated version of AirDroid also brings enhanced and файл tsd apk file, photo and music management airscreen apk. In order to stream your Android videos to your computer, you must have the latest version of QuickTime player installed. All the minor bugs and glitches that we experienced in the previous release of the app have been removed, especially the ones that were present in the messaging and music playback segment of AirDroid.

With all the new and improved features that it now supports, AirDroid has certainly covered a lot of ground to come close to challenging Moborobo as one of the most comprehensive and effective remote Android management tools. AirDroid is free to download and use, with no limitations.

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