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Farming simulator 18 apk for Android

Well now you can with Farming Simulator 18 for PC. Gameplay Farming Simulator 18 for PC is the most comprehensive farming simulator on market. The game is complex and requires more from than simply remembering to log on and water a few plants. FS 18 requires you to plow fields, tend to animals and fertilize your crops in ways that demand that you understand how a farm really works. The game was designed for consoles therefore the controls reflect that.

You first plot will need a lot of work before you see your first harvest and in some cases you may even need to hire a few farm hands if your finances allow for it. The only issue with hiring farm hands is in how daft the artificial intelligence is. The AI is so stupid that the simplest of obstacles will make them incapable of finishing their jobs. The complexity involved in managing your finances is farming simulator 18 apk because simple things like how well you manage your livestock and farm-hands will have a big effect on whether you will be able to buy new equipment or even afford to farming simulator 18 apk the old equipment.

The Good The graphics look incredibly lifelike. Despite the odd times when the grass-blades cut through your truck, the animals look real and the fields as well. The execution is also fairly good and gives farming simulator 18 apk a idea of what it is like to work on a farm. The Bad The AI of the farm-hands is bound to piss you off more than once. Conclusion Farming Simulator 18 for PC is definitely a niche game. Very few people will enjoy it but those who do are likely to stick with it for ссылка на продолжение long time.

Alternatively you can use andyroid or ipadian. That is it!

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