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Vesta Zare August 25, Big news for mobile: as of today, Firefox for Android users in Europe will find an entirely redesigned interface and a fast and secure mobile browser that was overhauled down to the core. Users in North America will receive the update on August Included with this new mobile experience are lots of innovative features, an improved user experience with new customization options, and some massive changes under the hood.

The revamped browsing app comes with our highest privacy protections ever — on by default. Stricter protections are available to users who want to customize their privacy settings. Additionally, we took the best parts of Firefox Focusaccording to its users, and applied them to Private Mode : Now, Взято отсюда Mode is easily accessible from the Firefox for Android homescreen and users have the option to create a private browsing shortcut on their Android homescreen, which will launch the browsing app automatically in the respective смотрите подробнее and allow users to browse privately on-the-go.

Enhanced Tracking Protection automatically blocks many known third-party trackers, by default, in order to improve user privacy online. Private Mode adds another layer for better privacy on device level. Multitaskers, firefox android mozilla apk want to get more done while watching videos, will also enjoy the new Picture-in-Picture feature. Productivity is key on нажмите чтобы прочитать больше. Bright or dark, day or night: Firefox for Android simplifies toggling between Light and Dark Themes, depending on individual preferences, vision needs or environment.

Those who prefer an automatic switch may also set Firefox to follow the Android setting, so that the browsing app will switch automatically to dark mode at a certain time of day. Last but not least, we revamped the extensions experience. We know that add-ons play an important role for many Firefox users and we want to make sure to offer them the best possible experience when starting to use our newest Android browsing app.

Firefox users love add-ons! Firefox android mozilla apk overhauled Android browser therefore comes with the top add-ons for enhanced privacy and user experience from our Recommended Extensions program. What does that mean for users? The technology we used the past limited our capability to further improve the browser as well as our options to implement new features.

Also, GeckoView makes firefox android mozilla apk in Firefox for Android significantly speedier. With our own engine we set the ground rules. We can decide independently which privacy and security features we want to make available for our mobile users and are entirely free to cater to our unique high standards. Apk miproxifix allows us to have нажмите для деталей freedom of choice when it firefox android mozilla apk to implementation of standards and features. This independence здесь us create a user interface that when combined with an overall faster browsing pace, enables unprecedented Also, it protects our users if there are security issues with Blink as Firefox will not be affected.

User experience is key, in product and product development Completely overhauling an existing product is a complex process that comes with a high potential for pitfalls. Bringing the best recent features from desktop to взято отсюда. Feedback from users showed that they like the direction Firefox is developing into, so we worked hard to bring the same level of protection and convenience to mobile, as well.

As a result, users can now experience ссылка на подробности better Firefox mobile нажмите чтобы увидеть больше on their Android devices than ever before. We tested extensively and emphasized direct детальнее на этой странице from mobile users. Over the course of several months, earlier versions of the new Firefox for Android were available as a separate app фнаф apk Firefox Preview.

And the result of this process is now available. Try the new Firefox for Android! Their usage data, such as the browsing history or bookmarks, will be migrated automatically to the new app version, which might take a few moments. Users who have set a master password will need to нажмите сюда the master password in order for their logins firefox android mozilla apk automatically migrate over.

New users firefox android mozilla apk download the update firefox android mozilla apk the Google PlayStore as of today. The new Firefox for Android supports a wide range of devices from Android 5. Make sure to let us know what you think about the overhauled browsing experience with Firefox for Android and stay tuned for more news in the upcoming months! But we know history and looking back is important. Added Sept.

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