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Comments Based in the same universe as the hugely popular mobile game known as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale is free apk totally different on battling opponents. It is a real-time strategy game that employs the same troops and том бег за золотом from Clash of Clans, including the popular Free apk King, Archers, Giants, and more.

This game is a little more straightforward and slightly more basic than Clash of Clans, which requires training intricate armies in order to destroy the enemies fortified village. Clash Royale removes the intricacies and free apk the battles two-way, which means both opponents will be playing simultaneously. It is a basic tower defense game in which each player receives two towers to use as defense and one as a central tower. Destroying the central tower will give victory to the destroyer. The bouts only last three minutes free apk the most, русские apk there is no decision, in which case extra time will be added to decide the winner.

Players are only given access to a small selection of available troops at first, free apk others will unlock as the player progresses by collecting cards. When a player wins a tournament, they receive a chest that contains these cards. Much like the original Clash of Clans, troops in Clash Royale have stats that allow them to perform differently during battle. Some might have higher hit-points, while others might be able to attack from farther away.

As the player progresses, the attributes can be improved along with the level of the player. This gives the player the ability to fully customize their army. Pros Excellent graphics free apk to original Clash of Clans Fast-paced, real-time gameplay.

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