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Auf der anderen Seite liegen deine Daten inklusive Gesundheitsprofil, Fitnesslevel und Trainingsfortschritt auch dem Studio vor, sodass dein Trainer dich stets optimal betreuen und motivieren kann. Das spart deinem Studio wichtige Zeit, wiederum deiner Trainingsbetreuung zugutekommt. Der Umfang der Selfservice-Funktionen kann pro Studio unterscheidlich frytv90 apk андроид. Your mobile access to your gym More and more fitness studios look after their members via the MySports app.

If your studio supports the service, the app definitely offers you many advantages! Convenient appointment and course booking via smartphone No phone calls, no personal frytv90 apk андроид - anyone who wants to book an appointment for a course with a limited number of participants, an EMS or personal training session in the gym today can do so easily using the app. Easy apk select a service, set a date and nothing stands in the way of your training.

If something should come up, you can of course cancel the appointment - just press a button. All training data at a glance In the MySports app, you can take a look frytv90 apk андроид your individual training установку apk at any time and precisely log all sporting activities. On the other hand, your data, including your health profile, fitness level play store training progress, are also available to the studio so that your trainer can always optimally support and motivate you.

If necessary, your coach frytv90 apk андроид easily adjust your training plan via нажмите для деталей studio management software - MySports shows you the updates immediately. This saves your studio important time, which in turn benefits your training support. Manage your membership With the self-service area, you can manage your membership in the studio from the comfort of your home. Change your contact details or enter your new bank details for the studio. You can also request rest periods and call up details about your contract.

The scope of the self-service functions can differ per studio. Optionally, you can also take part in the new sports sponsorship program and release your step data from the HealthKit. The frytv90 apk андроид was published in the past under the name NoExcuse. Read more.

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