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But maybe add some more hiding spots downstairs also add something in the extreme mode where you granny apk choose a time limit maybe? Make it where you can choose how many locks you want. I think you should make it where you can hide in the cabinets downstairs in посмотреть еще granny apk. Also there could granny apk keys to help you in the game. Outside door key, bedroom key for the 2nd day, stuff like this.

Most all reface pro apk time you have to tranquilize granny to check there. Also make it where you can choose to have a grandpa call him pop-pop or papa. I think that these ideas would be nice in granny. But mostly make granny have her own bedroom жмите сюда should would spend her time if there was no noise going on. Oh and one more thing. Make it здесь you can play with other people who are online that would be super fun!!!!

Please if you will do any one please do it where you can play with other people!!!! I love this game! Best granny apk in the world. What to know how. I got подробнее на этой странице from it. First time playing it night I got it I got nightmares. Here are some suggestions. First, add multiplayer. One multiplayer is online were you need Приведенная ссылка and local were people near you can play with you.

Add mode were you can play as granny. As granny you to kill all players in your house. To see them you either have перейти here a sound they made or you see them. When you here a sound or see them there will be a sprint button that come up to run faster. It is the same objective but more people. Two more things, add granny apk insane mode of more pro people. OMG I forgot one more thing add another mode called outside.

In this mode your objective is when you escaped the house you need to find granny apk way back to civilization. But before the game there are five boxes. You can only choose one of them the difficulty granny apk one of the last four. That is it. That is what I want new in this game. Make more rooms. This one idea I though would be cool. Have a another room with some type of bird. Every time you go in the room the приложение прошивки mobogenie apk would make noice and granny would come in, but there should be a mask you can put on then granny apk bird can squeak.

Make different kills other than the swing of her bat. Another thing when you get killed under the bed she should drag you out then proceed killing you. The closest should do that to. Make more secrets you can do slender man somewhere. Do something with grandpa. Have some sort of back story. Do one with crossbow. If you have spawned slederina have her be in it. Add more details to the house. Which you could have a shovel to look for. Next and last give credit to the comments узнать больше here.

Give there name and give thanks. Last thing add more things granny can do. Add to the продолжение здесь as well. I granny apk the kindness. I hope frp unlock apk абсолютно updates will come out. Thank you again for taking the time to reading granny apk comment! No Details Provided The developer will перейти required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update.

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