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Softonic review Free calls, videos, and live stream Imo is a free chat app for Android phones. It allows you to make voice and video callsas well as interacting with other users, watching live streamsand sharing status updates. Underwhelming free chat, call, and video Imo is a free chat, call, and video app for Android phones. It has been around quite a long time but is more popular in some countries than in others. To some readers, it will be as familiar as SkypeTelegramand Tox but, to others, imo apk will be relatively unknown. Installing imo on your phone Like other Android app installations, installing imo on your phone is pretty easy. Like WhatsAppimo identifies users by their telephone number.

Imo apk it looks Visually, imo is rough around the edges. Even the app icon looks amateur and when you see it beside other, more famous apps, it begins to look pretty poor. What imo offers Imo is basically a chat and video calling imo apk like Imo apk. It allows you to message, call, and videocall your contacts. You can also call and message groups of friends and visit their profiles. The imo interface is divided into 3 tabs. Chats, Explore, and Contacts. PDF, etc. The imo profile The profiles offered by imo are more comprehensive than other chat apps. You can add a photo and a status message, like most, as well as music, a bio, and albums.

A world of live streaming Imo has another feature that sets it apart детальнее на этой странице similar video calling apps - a live stream. You can follow certain users and, obviously, start страница own live stream. ImoZones are partially imagined as resources, as well as forms of entertainment. The app developers suggest that they imo apk be used for exams, for example, with everyone going to take a посмотреть больше exam able to share resources and tips.

In other words, you get points as you spend time on the app. As you build up points, you rise up through the imo levels. Do we really need another chat app? For the rest of us, though, it seems pretty unnecessary, and not the nicest-looking chat app around. Another unnecessary imo apk app for Imo apk imo is trying to do it all.

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