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Note In previous versions the references to base and system application were stated explicitly under dependencies in нажмите сюда app. Instead you must now use the Application version property in the app. This allows any extensions that are kalley ru bcase apk on the Application to resolve to the custom appId.

Note The partner who redefines the application must ensure that extensions that are dependent on the Application compile and work. This can be ensured, for example, by источник introducing any breaking changes. It is also important to keep the propagateDependencies set to true. The version must be set to kalley ru bcase apk version of the Microsoft base application with which по этому адресу is compatible.

Changing the app. To do so, update the "dependencies": [] section and change the "appId": "dbf0effad-ed2bb" to the appId of your code-customized base application. You can update the "name" and "publisher" information to match too. Uptaking the Application app The Application app logically encapsulates apps making up a solution such as Base Application and System Applicationand https://sophiarugby.com/sotsialnie/google-camera-apk.php an abstraction to protect the AppSource and PTE extensions running on top of that solution from not being able to resolve dependencies to these apps.

When using it, future refactoring of the referenced solution; like extracting some areas into separate apps, or changes to the identities of the apps which comprise the solution, will not be forcing all other dependent apps to change or add new apps to посмотреть еще dependencies, as these dependencies will be resolved implicitly via the reference читать больше the Application app.

Additionally, вот ссылка is meant to simplify the on-premises upgrade scenarios, when customizations are extracted from the Base Application into extensions. And finally it makes it possible to make the same apps available not only to the Business Central customers, but also to the customers of the rich, vertical solutions called Embed Apps, which are also running in the Business Central service. To enable these benefits, all you need to do, as an AppSource or PTE app owner, is to add the "application" читать полностью in the app.

Also, you need to remove the direct dependencies to the Base Application and System Application from the app. Thus it is highly recommended to change перейти на источник existing AppSource apps at first convenience, kalley ru bcase apk example with your next planned app update, and adopt the "application" property for all new AppSource apps.

We also recommend up-taking the Application app for the customized Base Applications on-premise, and kalley ru bcase apk PTEs that you use in the Business Central online environments. See Ссылка на подробности.

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