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Kustom to work properly needs to be always running, the notification can be disabled by removing Kustom from battery optimized apps, a full explanation is available at kustom. Also ensure that your device rotation is detected correctly in the settings it should show something like "Default Landscape " if its not адрес correct location force the correct one.

If not already scaled correctly adjust widget size using "scale" option in the layer tab. How Kustom Widget compares to Kustom Wallpaper? And, off course, you can use them kwgt pro apk together if you like! Can i use my own fonts? Someone sent me a file in ". Just press "Load Preset", then the "folder" button on top menu, then select "Import" from the options. Once copied the widgets will show up in the "sd card" section when pressing "load preset" kwgt pro apk the main settings.

Please always ensure that the zip file is not corrupted and that the extension has not been changed it has to be ". By default Android introduces some padding for the widgets so this is not possible with the standard Launcher, kwgt pro apk you have Nova you need to remove widget padding in the settings and then long читать статью on the widget and select the option "padding" from the popup, this will remove the padding from the Widget.

For example Purify and Kwgt pro apk are known to cause this issue and you need to specifically disable what they call "deep hibernation" to solve this. On Samsung the tool called Smart Management has also been reported to cause problems. Why посетить страницу источник support Android KitKat or better only? Kustom uses features that are only available from Android 4. Probably in the future theme owners will add band apk ability to add an API key or embed their own but so far you would need to do it manually to make it work.

I адрес страницы use custom fonts anymore on my Huawei phone On Huawei phones there is a Theming app, please ensure that you did not change the font there, if you did then switch it back to the default one. Unfortunately the way Kwgt pro apk implemented theming is by overriding core OS functionatlies.

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