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Apparently the first thing many people do on getting a Fire is immediately figure out how to make it less Fire-like. The default Fire launcher is great if all launcher hijack v4 apk want to do is browse the various books, movies, нажмите сюда, and apps available to you through the store—but its usefulness for organizing and finding applications you install launcher hijack v4 apk distinctly second-rate. LauncherHijack, Hijacked It seems Amazon has finally taken notice of how dissatisfied people ссылка на продолжение with the default launcher.

It has responded, not by improving the basic Fire launcher as one would hope, but by trying to block people from changing it. This morning on starting my Есть,спс commander apk нужные HD 10, I found a pop-up message saying LauncherHijack had been blocked on launcher hijack v4 apk device—and indeed, even after a reboot, it was no longer посмотреть больше. It no longer even appeared in the list of apps.

I was back to the plain old Fire launcher again. Привожу ссылку discussion thread on the LauncherHijack release site notes you can also use a program called AppCloner to make a renamed version of the original LauncherHijack app. The Simplicity of DRM But when you get right down to it, a lot of technological protection measures are like that—designed to stymie average users but not do a thing against anyone even slightly technically inclined. Interfering with DRM cracking was just a side-effect, and one that was soon sorted out.

Any store-bought or library-checked-out ebook using those forms of DRM can still be cracked and kept as easily as dragging and dropping by someone who is посмотреть больше enough to install Calibre and the plug-in. And having worked phone tech support for a продолжение здесь of years, I can посетить страницу источник believe how technically inept the average person is.

Not that it would really matter if they did keep trying to defeat the crackers. Or to use Google to locate someone who did. Probably the only reason it even bothered is that kind of change also costs almost nothing at all. The question is, are launcher ссылка на страницу cutting far enough in that Amazon will be moved to spend more money on a deeper technical solution to try to lock in its launcher so you would launcher hijack v4 apk to root to break its grip? Judging by the number of hits our article gets every day, an awful lot of people are frustrated with that launcher and want a more Android-like experience, so I suspect that a deeper technical measure will be required to stop them from switching away.

Of course, if they try that, there are plenty of Android hackers out there who will try to find another взято отсюда so the inevitable arms race will begin. And I have little doubt many people will continue to do so If you found this post worth reading and want to kick in a buck or two to the author, click here.

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