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It no longer became exciting to see new smartphone launches. Each new phone looked more mi mover xiaomi apk the same as the previous one. Rectangular bricks dominated the spaces until recently when we started seeing foldable and swiveling devices, ushering in a new era of smartphone hardware. LG Wing Of course, it will take some time shareit apk android consumers get accustomed to the new designs, meaning the usual slabs mi mover xiaomi apk still sell in droves as before.

With little to no hardware changes or rather improvements that can be made to these bricks, it all boils down to who has the best software. Узнать больше just the user experience, but also the aftersales support. This is one area the likes of Google and OnePlus have excelled over the years. The two vendors became the first to provide at least 3 major Android Посетить страницу updates to their devices.

OnePlus 6 is in line for Android 11 update OnePlus 6, for instance, is in line for the update to Android 11which will be its third. Not to be left behind, Samsung — the leading smartphone vendor in the world — took a giant step by перейти на страницу 3 major Android OS updates to its premium line of devices in the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S family.

Читать Galaxy Foldables were also made part of this special group owing to their price tags. Samsung also took into consideration some upper mid-rangers in the Galaxy A series for this 3-OS software update policy. Galaxy A51 will get 3 OS updates With such exceptional software support in the Android fraternity, its hard to see any other vendor toppling Samsung mi mover xiaomi apk the top spot anytime soon.

Huawei was making strides towards this, but we all know what went down courtesy of the American government. With Xiaomi currently the third-leading smartphone vendor in the world, perhaps this is it. This is huge for Xiaomi considering the phone never officially left the Chinese borders. But this award was all about hardware, which, as noted earlier, is hard not to impress regardless of the vendor. But what about software? How is Xiaomi doing on this front? Блог, zoom apk похоже denying mi mover xiaomi apk plenty is going on in the MIUI world.

To be more specific, Xiaomi should at least be looking to push 3 major Android OS updates to the premium Mi series in order to match the big boys. Redmi Note 8 in line for a 2nd OS update to Android 11 The fact that ссылка premium По этому адресу devices like the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro command prices close to the Galaxy S and Galaxy Notes of this world also says a lot about what they deserve in terms of aftersales support.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Xiaomi should start providing at least 3 major Android OS updates to devices in the premium Mi series? Let us know by casting your mi mover xiaomi apk on the Twitter poll below. Do you think Xiaomi should start pushing 3 major Android OS updates to its premium Mi series devices?

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