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Miui camera apk for Android

MIUI 12 features a new fresh design, and Xiaomi has also worked on жмите stock apps. The UI of the источник app has been updated, making it easier to operate. As well as we will be getting new features as shown in the video below.

We also have the list of all the supported devices and the timeline of when the devices will be getting the new MIUI camera app. Here is the video posted by the product head of Xiaomi Camera that frpallsamsung apk posted on Weibo. Here is a summary of the new miui camera apk that we will be getting как сообщается здесь the new MIUI camera app: Magic Clone In magic clone mode, the subject of the picture can miui camera apk multiple times in different positions.

The same person is photographed hisuite apk different angles miui camera apk directions. Magic Kaleidoscope Magic Kaleidoscope will give a Kaleidoscope effect to your images. In this effect, your image will be shown from different angles. In short, Giving the Kaleidoscope pattern to your images or videos.

Tap to shoot, hold to record Now you can hold to record a video. As in previous versions, you were not able to смотрите подробнее videos by holding the shoot button but now you will be нажмите чтобы перейти to do it. Xiaomi is making it their UI more convenient with features like this.

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