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Samsung health monitor 1 1 0023 apk for Android

This function is limited to take the measurement punctually and samsung health monitor 1 1 0023 apk rest. The same sensor is made to also measure Pulse oximetry and stress levels. The приведу ссылку also supports heart sensors from other manufacturers. It is able to generate a graph as a function of time of the different frequencies reached during a sports session as подробнее на этой странице as other information such as the average and maximum heart rate reached.

Pedometer[ edit ] Step counting по ссылке a feature that is integrated with Samsung Health with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in April This number samsung health monitor 1 1 0023 apk be a recommendation of the World Health Источник статьи according to the Смотрите подробнее Federation of Cardiology.

According to the application information, a good rhythm is obtained when a rate of at least steps per minute is maintained for ten minutes. At the visual level, we can use the data with different graphics: Нажмите сюда a hour day with a histogram showing activity number of steps in minute increments 60 slices of 24 minutes in one day Daily, weekly and monthly trends showing the average number of daily steps taken.

You can choose the source of the recorded data. Either we use the smartphone data ссылка those recorded by a compatible Samsung accessory. Be more active[ edit ] This function measures the daily activity expressed in minutes. By default the application automatically calculates the running time more than one hundred steps per minute. The goal to reach is set by default at sixty minutes a day.

You can manually record an activity session running, walking, hiking, biking. Specific parameters such as distance, duration, route layout, altitude profile, heart rate, calories burned will be recorded according to the chosen activity. Global challenges[ edit ] Global challenges were added at the end of May in version 5. Global challenges last one month and the goal is to walksteps. Once your goal is reached, your app will award you a badge. Each challenge features an animal that "gives" a variety of information. This table lists all global challenges: Month and year.

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