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Join us for free to see more information about your app and learn how we can help you promote and earn money with your app. It is a simple calculation based on body height and mass, but not very scientifically based. Why another BMI app? This application is the fastest way of torque pro 1 8 205 rus apk out how much weight you should loose to get down to your "Ideal Weight", as most of us are slightly overweight. Just enter your length and check the reading for the Ideal Weight range.

No need to enter your weight! Why a Heart-icon? The most practical application of this app royale apk combatting overweight, which is pretty prevalent in the developed parts of this world, with countries like Holland and the US leading. And the problems associated with overweight are often heart-related.

We care about нажмите чтобы перейти heart! Why "Reverse"? This app is about BMI which is a value like Now this What you really want to know torque pro 1 8 205 rus apk, for example: Am I overweight, читать далее how much? Therefor, this app does not require you to enter your weight, but instead tells you about torque pro 1 8 205 rus apk weight. This app is easier to use than other BMI apps, that do require you to enter your weight, and also gives you more useful information, weigth info instead of a stupid Все панель навигации новая версия apk это number.

This is our concept ссылка "Reverse BMI". Practical example Here is an example. Suppose you are a woman. Some 90 percent of woman are not нажмите чтобы перейти with their weight, and you want to give this app a try. You know your data, say: 1. You just enter "60" in the "cm" box. The "1" and probably the "6" are already filled in. You then press "OK". Then, the display shows "Ideal Weight 47 - 64 kg".

You did not enter your weight, and will not see your BMI, but instead understand that you are only 1 kg away from your ideal weight! The BMI should be between Given your length, this leads to the Ideal Weight range that is calculated and displayed. You will be surprised as to how wide apk modern combat 4 range is. To learn more about BMI and weight issues, there are plenty websites to consult, starting with wikipedia. This app is just the perfect tool to hide the mathematics and give you information on the weight issues. It cannot be stressed enough that the BMI is not a very scientifical method.

Your health depends only for a small part on the BMI. The BMI is completely meaningless for many categories of people, like patients, children, по этой ссылке women, trained athletes, extremely small or tall people, etc. This app is only provided to you to do a computation as simple as possible for a first estimation and for entertainment purposes.

But for that purpose this app is the simplest tool available. Be wary of more sophisticated tools as more precision does not say more about your health. More about this app The app works with standard units like kilogram and meter as used in most countries of the world. A future release is planned to add support for american units. You can still use one of the ссылка на подробности websites or apps that convert american units to standard units. Nothing is perfect, neither will be this app. We still hope that this torque pro 1 8 205 rus apk is useful for you. Do use it, and show it to your friends.

We found that many people are interested in the weight issue, and are surprised by the results of this app.

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