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Torrent pro apk for Android

Comments tTorrent Pro is a torrent downloading client for Android, allowing you to torrent pro apk and even share files using BitTorrent protocol. Youtube apk torrent pro apk are you limited to your desktop computer to perform torrent downloads.

Even though new mobile download apps are released every day, mobile download apps supporting BitTorrent protocol have been a long time coming. With tTorrent Pro, you can download and share files via BitTorrent protocol, stream files, download from magnet links and trackerless torrent files, and select individual files from a torrent package to download.

You can even download multiple torrent files simultaneously and scroll through your running torrent list. Your downloads will show a running percentage of how much data they have downloaded, and you pause and resume torrents at any time. Читать далее app even supports downloading torrents via a proxy server.

Your downloaded torrent files are saved in an encrypted folder in the app and remain inaccessible to other users and apps. Pros Download torrents from your favorite sites on the go! Download multiple torrent files at once. Download from magnet and trackerless torrent links. Allows you to save your torrent downloads to external storage such as SD cards. Share your own torrent files directly from your mobile phone or tablet.

Cons Users report the app is unstable and will often pause or interrupt больше информации when the app is left to run in the background. Multiple users report that смотрите подробнее phones do not display the search bar, making читать статью difficult to find new torrent files to download. Torrents you are sharing will not be accessible if your phone is not torrent pro apk connected to cellular data or WiFi.

Torrent pro apk shutdown when completed or when battery limit reached. Max active downloads is 32 from now. Updated translations.

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