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Touch screen apk for Android

New Update 4. Multimedia BusinessCard On a virtual business card you may send details and адрес страницы to a chosen receiver via email. Multimedia LivePhoto Shoot a photo, transfer it directly from touch screen apk camera via wifi and view it instantly on the interactive display, collate it and share it by email. Views CardsView Via views serving as basis apps, you start further apps and widgets in windows or in full screen mode on the entire touch screen.

Browse all apps All Touchscreens. One App Platform. Harness the possibilites of interactive technologies for new innovative marketing solutions: In stores больше информации interactive shop windows or video walls customers swipe through virtual shelves, learn about special offers, touch screen apk items, and share their experience directly on social media channels. By putting objects on the screen, additional virtual information opens up right next to it, e.

Families gather around multitouch tables in innovative restaurants to choose for their favourite ссылка на страницу interactively - or compose their next kitchen in futuristic furniture shops. Interactive terminals in hotel lounges reduce waiting times with multiplayer games in any corporate design. In public spaces, airports or subway stations, tourists find guidance on multitouch steles with interactive maps интернет радио apk points of interest.

Point of Sale Amaze customers, boost sales Offer fascinating experiences at point of sale, trade fairs and events. Attract maximum attention for your brands, products and services. Point of Information Вот ссылка infotainment on demand Combine information with interactive touch screen apk to convey the desired content effectively.

Users can interactively call up information at any time. Point of Entertainment Entertain guests, reduce waiting times Several users can simultaneously play exciting multiuser games with and against each other on large interactive multitouch systems. Point of Education Transporting knowdledge sustainably Effective communication knowledge through the involvement of multiple senses, multimedia content and the active participation of several users simultaneously.

Point of Advertisement With interactive advertising you leave a maximum effect on the recipient. Point of Collaboration Creative teamwork in companies Utilize the possibilities of innovative mulituser applications on large touchscreens for collaborative and creative team work of several users simultaneously.

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