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Yandex браузер android apk for Android

Keyboard, install xapk, fast, free and save your internet data. The description of Yandex. Keyboard Add some zest to your messaging experience with a smart and slick auto-correct feature, smooth swiping, a dedicated translator, and voice commands that support emoticons, GIFs stickers. Chat away like never before. None of your passwords, contacts, credit card information, or больше информации sensitive data is being collected.

Reads, writes and speaks Russian like a native. The keyboard uses proprietary machine learning algorithms developed by Yandex in order to make appropriate suggestions as you type. You yandex браузер android apk also suggest your own words and let the keyboard adapt to the посмотреть еще yandex браузер android apk talk, or just forgo the feature altogether. Make talking more fun Spice up your conversations with animated GIFs built-in search includedemojis, and stickers, and you can even get emoji suggestions as you type along. If you need to turn to the Internet for help, built-in Yandex is always right at your fingertips.

Got any questions? Want to speak your mind? Got any warranted praise or criticism? Contact the developers at keyboard support. Show More.

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