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Tobias Nov 14, This is a tiny, small camera of really very well built quality - for a so small price. Very cool! No extra drivers had to be installed! If there is not very much light from other sources, the picture becomes very distorted and noisy. Of course - not for this price. In the pictures you see a DECT-phone, in кажется, happy apk моему distance of about 20 cm from the cam. One picture was taken with the lamp on the desktop on an99 apk the LED of the cam maxthe other with the LED of the cam max, too only. High quality Endoscope2.

Both usb and microusb for pc or smartphone3. Easy installation4. Great price for value -- VFM6. Waterproof 8. Good lights9. Good image resolution Suggestion: Moonlighting Jul 27, High resolution x Long hard-coated cable. Works on computer an99 apk android system. Received in 1 week. Works with most camera software. Can be connected to normal usb and micro usb port. Can be installed on door pinhole an99 apk connected to tablet for monitoring visitors. Suggestion: fchan Dec 19, Https:// is apk videoleap pro the best but you get what you pay for.

Installation is easy that is if you can see the print out. I had to use a magnify glass to read it. It is definitely good to an99 apk at larger object but this item by no mean are meant to look at fine objects. Not really good in the dark unless there are lights shine on an99 apk object you want to see.

Overall I give it a 4 star because humans apk the price.

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