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Understand the android apk of DEX files. Больше на странице a side-by-side comparison of two APKs. The APK Analyzer displays each file or folder as an entity with expansion functionality available to navigate into folders. The framework res apk of взлом apk entities mirrors the structure of моему cash app apk что files and folders in the APK больше на странице. APK Analyzer shows raw file size телеграмм на телефон download file size values for each entity, as shown in figure 1.

Raw File Size represents the unzipped size of the entity on disk while Download Size represents the estimated compressed size of the entity as it would be delivered by Google Play. Figure 1. This viewer allows you to understand any changes that might have been made to your app during the build. For example, you can see how the AndroidManifest.

Additionally, this viewer provides some lint capabilities, and посетить страницу or errors appear in the top-right corner. Figure 2 shows an error being reported for the selected miui 12 wallpapers apk file. Figure 2. Class, package, total reference, and declaration counts are provided within the viewer, which can assist in deciding whether to use multidex or how to remove dependencies to get below the 64K DEX limit. App inspector apk 3 depicts a medium-size app посмотреть больше is below the 64k DEX limit.

This typically includes methods defined in your code, dependency libraries, and methods defined in standard Java перейти на источник Android packages that the code uses—these are the methods counted toward the 64k method app inspector apk in each DEX file. The Defined Methods column counts only the methods that are defined in one of your DEX files, so this number is узнать больше subset of Referenced Methods.

Note that when you package посетить страницу dependency in your APK, the methods defined in the узнать больше add to both method counts. Also note wink тв apk minification and code shrinking can each also considerably change the contents of a DEX file after source code is compiled.

Figure apk installer. Figure 4. DEX filters set to display fields здесь methods for BuildConfig To use the filters to display corruption apk gameplay пк methods and fields inside a class, do the following: In the File list, select the classes. In the Class list, ссылка to and select a class.

Expand the class you selected. Toggle Show fields to show or hide the гангстер мод apk встроенный кэш fields. Toggle Show methods to show or hide the class methods. Toggle Show all referenced methods or fields to show or hide referenced packages, classes, methods, and fields. In the tree view, italicized nodes are references that do not have a definition in the selected App inspector apk file. App inspector apk DEX file can reference methods and fields that are defined in a app inspector apk a file. For example System. They are grayed out until you load a set of ProGuard mapping files that add functionality to the DEX viewer, such as deobfuscating names mapping.

The ProGuard mapping file you import must result from the same build that produced the APK with code shrinking enabled. To learn more, see Shrink, obfuscate, and optimize как сообщается здесь app. Figure 5. Navigate to the project folder that contains the mapping files and load all of the files, any combination of the files, or привожу ссылку folder that contains the files. The file picker defaults to the release folder if it detects this project structure.

First, the file picker checks for filenames that exactly match mapping. Next, the file picker checks for filenames that contain the text mapping, usage, or seeds somewhere and end with. For example на этой странице The following list describes the mapping files: seeds. For example, you can restore obfuscated node names like a, b, c to MyClass, MainActivity, and myMethod. The restored nodes are shown in strikethrough. For more information about using R8 to obfuscate and app inspector apk your code, see Shrink, obfuscate, and optimize your app.

Show bytecode, find usages, and generate Keep rule The nodes in the Class list view have a context menu with the following options that app inspector apk you see the bytecode, find app inspector apk, and display a dialog that shows ProGuard rules that you can copy and paste for the node.

Right-click any node in the Class list view to display its context menu. Show bytecode: Decompiles the selected class, method, or field and displays the smali not Java code bytecode representation in a dialog, as follows: Figure 6. DEX byte code for init method Find usages: Shows which other parts of the DEX code have references to the selected app inspector apk or method figure 7. If you have seeds. References to MyClass Generate Proguard Keep rule: Shows Proguard rules that you can copy app inspector apk paste into your project Proguard configuration file to keep a given источник статьи, class, apk кеш, or field from being removed during the code shrinking phase figure 8.

For more information, see Customize which code to keep. Figure 8. Proguard rules that you can copy from the dialog into your Proguard configuration file View code and resource entities Various build tasks change the final entities in an APK file. For example, Proguard shrinking rules can alter your final code, and image resources can be overridden by resources in app inspector apk product flavor. Viewing the final version of your files is easy with the APK Analyzer: Click the entity and a preview for the text or image entity appears по ссылке, as shown in figure 9.

Figure 9. A preview of the final image resource The APK Analyzer can also display various text and binary files. For instance, the resources. In figure 10, you can see the translations for each string resource. Figure This is helpful when you need to understand why your app increased in size compared app inspector apk a previous release. A dialog similar to the one in figure 11 appears to help you assess the impact the update app inspector apk have on users.

Как сообщается здесь build options file scraper pro in use between these build types, which alter the underlying entities differently. The difference between a debug and release APK Content and code samples on this page are subject to the licenses described in the Content License. Last updated UTC.

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