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Thu 15 Sep You tell адрес страницы app приведенная ссылка you want to go, and it suggests a route and transport method bustime apk modfactoring in real-time data on disruptions en route. In the UK, it works in London, Birmingham and Manchester, bustime apk mod well as other major cities around the world. Also try: Moovit, another slick urban navigation app.

Live Train Times UK works beautifully on that score, especially if you let it know what your regular routes are. Meanwhile, its information on platform numbers and even how many carriages there are — which might swing your decision about which one to catch — are нажмите чтобы узнать больше handy too. Also try: National Rail Enquiries with its times and journey planning. You can check the timetable or get live departures from your nearest stop, or use its journey-planning feature to prepare for upcoming trips.

And for bustime apk mod prone to dozing while rattling along, the Stop Alert feature will wake you up in good time for your stop. Also try: London На этой странице Live Countdown, a capital-focused checker app. It matches перейти parent website in its ability to help you research upcoming train journeys and buy tickets — even up to 10 minutes before departure. Also try: Trainline Europe, for tickets across the continent. At least TrainTrick takes the hassle out of claiming compensation for those delays.

You upload a photo of your страница and the reason for the delay, and TrainTrick takes care bustime apk mod filing the complaint — taking a small cut of your compensation. Also try: The aptly-named Trains From Hell, for similar features. But Uber is still proving very popular for its ability to digitally hail cars to take you from A to B, getting an estimated fare before you set off. Uber now runs in 16 British cities, with more added regularly. Also try: Hailo and Gett, which bring the Uber approach to traditional taxis.

Also try: Busbud for cheap coach tickets, and Skyscanner for flights. Also try: Tube Exits, to pinpoint which carriage to stand in bustime apk mod a quick exit at your destination. You can quickly see where bikes are free to hire; get a code to unlock one before apk photo collage get there; and then plan your cycling journey across London. Also try: CycleMaps, to plan your biking journeys wherever you are in the UK or, indeed, the world.

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