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Camera pro apk for Android

You can download this new version app from our safe download links with single click. The FiLMiC Pro camcorder app has been enhanced with cutting-edge capabilities and the most responsive manual camera interface available on Android camera pro apk help you achieve the highest quality of video clips, music videos, short films or even feature movies.

Ramped zoom rocker control. White balance adjustment matrix перейти на страницу predefined and custom presets. Content Management Src mod beta apk for project file naming. FiLMiC Sync integration to store preset data in the cloud and share between devices.

Clip favoriting. Https:// upload to supported share targets. A shooting style for any skill level. Portrait vertical and landscape shooting orientations. Variable speed zoom. High speed frame rates of 60, fps hardware dependent.

Slow motion and fast motion FX options for video editor. Configurable time lapse Recording. Tri-mode histogram, including waveform monitor. Adjust video camera pro apk after capture Exposure, contrast, saturation, tint, color temperature. Customizable saved personal presets. Aspect ratio framing guide overlays. Image stabilization.

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camera pro apk
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camera pro apk
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