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Https:// Branded packaging for Dom. And then it was time for wps office packaging. Two boxes Dom. The жмите ribbon is used through the whole packaging: it helps to open the box, take out the set-top box from the lodgement, adds a personal touch to the packaging.

Storage pocket for user manual It is made of 5 mm thick single layer cardboard. Store apk galaxy compartment It is made of 5 mm thick single domru movix apk cardboard. One cardboard sheet creates two compartments, containing an HDMI cable and an adapter. Each compartment is branded with an icon indicating its contents. Remote control compartment It is made of EVA material, which allows to make the recess in the compartment completely repeating the shape of the remote control. Thanks to this, the remote securely stays in domru movix apk place and is protected from damage.

Set-top box compartment It is made of EVA material, which allows to make the recess in the compartment completely repeating the shape of the set-top box and посмотреть больше it from damage. The Box The box is made of a three layer micro-corrugated cardboard.

It is black outside and mint inside. Remote control compartment It consists of 3 cardboard blocks: two blocks serve as side walls, the third one is used to place the remote control. Https:// this time, the agency domru movix apk established itself as a reliable partner. The agency coped with the non-trivial task of creating a GiftBox packaging for our new TV set-top box. We were involved in all stages смотрите подробнее solving the problem and have built excellent interaction processes.

The achieved result domru movix apk all our requirements and restrictions, fit into the budget and impressed both us and our customers.

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