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December 23, Meizu once was one of the most relevant smartphone makers in China. The company made some important devices for the global market as a whole such as the Meizu MX5. However, the company lost some appeal in recent years. Apparently, it failed to build a solid global strategy like other classic companies like Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, and Huawei. While these companies are important players in the global smartphone market, Meizu is just a company with a lot of stories but a vk mod apk presence in global markets.

Another point where the company struggles is meizu apk its software department. Other Chinese players learned from their meizu apk in the past and changed their software philosophy to provide constant updates for their smartphones. Meizu never had a good update track record meizu apk its Flyme OS. The company is also known for leaving devices behind or canceling software updates months after announcing. Despite this, Meizu still wants to ensure that at least its most recent flagships will be running the latest Android version.

The will only accept the first 3, registrations for each device. So if you have a Meizu 17 взято отсюда laying around you will need to be fast. Now, the company confirmed that the first internal beta version is rolling out for the devices today. The update will reach those who successfully signed up for beta recruitment.

In meizu apk to apply for beta updates, your device needs to be running Flyme 8. To participate, head to the System Update option under the Settings and fill in the required details. Посмотреть еще all, beta builds may contain bugs or cause issues to your meizu apk. The new firmware must be in the very early stages of development.

This can explain why it is arriving as a closed beta. According to Meizu, the devices will get a stable update in Spring The company also needs to disclose what is really changed meizu apk Flyme with the new update. We expect more details to appear next year, close to the stable meizu apk.

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