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External storage access is limited only to an app-specific directory and to specific types of media that the app has created. Restricted access to non-resettable identifiers such as IMEI and serial number. Restricted access to Wi-Fi settings Apps can no longer directly enable or disable Wi-Fi and need to do it using settings panels. Continue to update to API 30 by following the instructions in the previous section.

Modernizing your apps As you update the target API level for your apps, consider adopting recent platform features to modernize your по ссылке and delight your users. Consider using CameraXwhich is in Beta, to make the most of using the camera. Use Jetpack components to help you follow best practices, free you from writing boilerplate code, and simplify complex tasks so that you can focus on the code you care about. Use Kotlin to write better apps faster, and with less code. Ensure you are following privacy requirements and best practices. Add dark theme поискать apk survival пойму to your apps.

Add последняя google play apk navigation support to your apps. Take advantage of advanced window management. Support larger aspect ratios more than to take advantage of recent advances in hardware. Ensure that your app resizes to fill the available screen space. Only declare a maximum aspect ratio as a last resort. For more information about maximum aspect ratios, ссылка на подробности Declare Restricted Screen Support.

Add multi-window support to help your ссылка increase productivity, ссылка на продолжение to manage multiple displays. If a great minimized app experience would последняя google play apk the user experience, add support for Picture-in-Picture functionality. Optimize for devices with display cutout. Do not assume status bar height. Instead, use WindowInsets and View.

Watch this video for an explanation. Do not assume узнать больше здесь the app has the entire window. Instead, confirm its location by using View. When handling MotionEvent, use MotionEvent. We взято отсюда you to update to a recent compatible Support Library in order to take advantage of the latest compatibility features and bug fixes.

The following suggestions are not exhaustive, but aim to guide your testing process. We suggest testing: That your app compiles to API последняя google play apk without errors or warnings. That your app has a что gta v apk очень for cases where the user rejects permission requests, and prompts the user for permissions. Open the app and ensure no crashes.

Perform последняя google play apk use case tests and ensure required permissions are re-prompted. Handles Doze nova apk expected results and no errors. Using adb, place your test device into Doze while your app is running. Test any use cases that trigger Firebase Cloud Messaging messages. Test any use cases that use Alarms or Jobs. Eliminate any dependencies on background services. Test any use cases that use Alarms. Ensure that any critical use cases that depend on these events still work. Further information Opt in to emails in the Google Play Console so файлов apk we can send you important updates and announcements from Android and Google Play, including our monthly partner newsletter.

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