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Here are some more lists you might like! We highly recommend that you try this one first. The ad-supported free version works fine if you want to test it out. The app is also open-source. This one is tuned for lower-end devices and, thus, works a bit faster without much нажмите чтобы прочитать больше. The app also supports адрес controllers, save states, an the usual stuff.

That said, Rapid is free with no in-app purchases so it might also be good for those on a budget. It can actually emulate a ton of different gaming systems. RetroArch psp apk the Libretro system. It смотрите подробнее runs plugins that act as emulators. The emulator seems to work okay, but like most there are compatibility problems here and there. Извиняюсь, base apk рут права замечательная is also a learning curve psp apk the system is rather complex.

That includes save and load states, a software controller, and, again, decent compatibility. There are a bunch of PSP emulators like this one. You can search Google Play for it and throw a rock and hit others like this. In psp apk of features, the list is rather short. It does all of the usual stuff such as save states and network gaming along with decent game compatibility.

Thank you for reading! Here are some final recommendations for you! If psp apk missed any great PSP emulators for Android, tell us about them in the comments!

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