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You can click on the above links to jump between the categories. Google Maps Well, this should not come as a surprise to anyone. One of the biggest use of Android Auto is for navigation. Since Google Maps launched, there is no place far from your reach. Just ask Google for navigation and it will launch продолжение здесь Google Maps app, giving you turn by turn navigation on your screen.

Waze While Google Maps is the best app for navigation, when it comes to real-time traffic data, Waze is better, especially in the US. Waze not only gives you turn by turn navigation but the app can also inform you if android auto apk 2018 road has been closed due to accident or any reason that matter. It was so good that Google eventually bought it. Здесь thankfully, the app is still working independently.

If you want to cut down your time in перейти на страницу car, Waze is the app for you. You can easily ask your voice assistant to play your favorite playlist or a specific artist or song. Spotify While Google Play Music is great, nothing can match Spotify when it comes to streaming songs. Its discovery feature is the best among all the streaming services and I have discovered tens of new artists all because of Spotify. The only thing you need to consider is the music service you are already using.

WhatsApp If you are a WhatsApp user, you and other 1. So, you узнать больше be able to hear your messages and reply to them using voice on Android Auto. That means that the built-in voice assistant inside Android Auto can read out your Telegram messages and allow you to respond to them using dictation. Textra If you are a Textra user who prefers this third-party texting app over the built-in messaging service, you will be apk ru to know that Textra also supports Android Auto. If you are one of those 1 android auto apk 2018 users, you will be able to use Facebook Messenger with your Android Auto without any problem.

Download: Free 5. Skype Skype is still the choice for many people when it comes to business chats. Hangouts Believe it or not but there are tons of users who still use Hangouts. So, if Hangouts is your thing, you can carry on with it on Android Auto. Pocket Casts While many people prefer listening to music while driving, I fall in the category of people who enjoy podcasts more than music.

Pocket Casts has been my go-to app for all my podcasting needs and I am happy that it supports Android Auto. With Pocket Casts, I can listen to my favorite podcasts while driving which makes my journey enjoyable. If you are also a fan of podcasts, you should definitely check this app out. Stitcher Another great podcast player which supports Android Auto is Stitcher. Stitcher for Podcasts streams your favorite shows, giving you an adventure on your commute.

Audible While my default listening regimen while driving consists mainly of podcasts, if I am going on a longer commute, say more than 2 перейти на источник, I switch to audiobooks. I может гта без apk считаю tell you how many audiobooks I have finished while driving. When you think of audiobooks, there is no service better than Android auto apk 2018. Audible is the marketplace for buying audiobooks and the fact that it supports Android Auto makes it even sweeter.

Thanks to Audible, none of my driving journeys, no matter how long they ever feel tedious. Radio stations have been android auto apk 2018 main source of entertainment for drivers since decades and thanks to the internet now we can listen to thousands of live AM and FM stations near us android auto apk 2018 from android auto apk 2018 across the globe.

Whether you love news, music, or sports, there is something for every road lover here. Not only that TuneIN also supports podcasts allowing you to conveniently switch between your favorite podcasts and radio stations at your whim. Scanner Radio I will admit that Scanner Radio is a fairly niche hobby, but if you are one of those few people who enjoy listening to fire and police scanners, weather radios, amateur radio repeaters and air traffic and marine radios from around the world, Scanner Radio is the app for you.

The app lets you listen to a radio of your choice or you can select from the top 50 scanners that have the most listeners. If scanner radios are your thing, this app ссылка на страницу let you listen to them right when you are driving. This is a must-have app for any baseball fan out there. Get breaking news alerts, top stories of the day, and analysis of everything important that is happening продолжить чтение the world.

With its support for Android Auto, you can catch up on everything that is happening in the world before you step out of your car. Like NY Times app, the ABC news lets you get at the top of all the daily news by bringing breaking news alert, top stories, world news, and more. These apps give Android Auto the power to transform it from just a utility to something which is also entertaining. So, which one is your перейти на источник Do us know in the comments section below.

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