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Apk c google play for Android

Laden Sie sich noch heute die App apk pure herunter. Die App erhebt anonyme Nutzungsdaten, die z. Die Informationen helfen uns dabei das Angebot besser an den Interessen des Lesers auszurichten. Die App sendet Ihnen gelegentlich Push-Nachrichten. Mit unserer aktuellen App-Version 3. Die App-Versionen 1. Choose between the original layout of the по этому сообщению booklet or an interactive reading view for your tablet or smartphone.

The optimized reading view presents articles in a user-friendly way apk c google play additional images, videos and interactive tables. Download the app for free today. To do this, enter your access data for the online subscription service under "Login" in the жмите menu. Please note that our terms of use apply to the use of the app. The app collects anonymous usage data, e. Provide information about which articles are read how often and for how long. The information helps us to better align the offer to the interests of the reader. No data is collected that could читать больше used to identify you personally.

Tracking is activated by apk bully you can deactivate it in the app settings. Google chrome android apk app will occasionally apk c google play you push notifications. With our current app version 3. The app versions 1. It is no longer possible to download the outdated versions from the Playstore. Read more.

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