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Ott player apk for Android

At the end of the download, launch the application. The application is in Russian, and was launched in If it is this application that you have in your Samsung or LG application library, follow ott player apk steps detailed above. Otherwise you ott player apk go directly to the step of adding your television on the ottplayer site ott player apk the addition of m3u playlists. How to delete Ottplayer app? To delete the application, по этому сообщению Select the application with the remote control without clicking on it Click on the tool button on your remote control Then delete the application.

We will use another ott player apk of installing another version of the Ottplayer application, as recommended in the official website of OttPlayer. How to configure the OttPlayer application on SmartTv? In afork player apk application screen, it is possible to change several vpn android apk according to your preferences.

You can change, for example, the appearance, colors and background image. Перейти на источник make the application work properly, you just have to enter the same e-mail address and the same password that you used to connect to the Ottplayer приведенная ссылка. To verify, your Smart TV is successfully connected to your account. Just add your посетить страницу источник playlist to your account and share it on all your devices, as already explained in a previous tutorial.

Go to the tab of your account on the left of the screen Go to devices to verify that your devices are well connected Go to playlist You have two choices: Either install your playlist from a file located on your computer for example in direct link Or install from an internet link from a server provided by your основываясь на этих данных provider or find on the web. It is best to opt for this second choice.

Press the Internet TV button on the remote control. Find and узнать больше the Settings menu. Create a new user. And log in with a new user. Select the user to be developed and enter the PIN code selected in the previous paragraph.

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