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Licence This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich идея контакте apk сожалению! unrestricted use, distribution, reproduction and adaptation in any medium and for any purpose provided that it is properly attributed. Validity and reliability of the WIMU inertial device for the assessment of the vertical jump. Fifteen soccer players were evaluated in two identical sessions separated by алридер apk 1 week.

In each session, participants performed three jumps of each type. For the analysis of reliability of the flight time of the CMJ and the Wimu player apk, the intraclass correlation coefficient was used. The calculation of the concurrent validity was performed by using the Pearson correlation coefficient r. This analysis was complemented with the realization of the Bland—Altman plots. For the analysis of reliability, the coefficient of variation and the standard error of the means were calculated. The analysis presented a high validity and reliability of the device. Similarly, it has been used to predict the risk of injury and is associated with посмотреть еще power or neuromuscular fatigue Jimenez-Reyes et al.

In fact, jump performance plays a crucial role in both the predominantly anaerobic and aerobic disciplines, as well as in the mixed android apk Brumitt et al. This can be measured by different tools or адрес force plates, video analysis, photoelectric cells, contact mat, video cameras, etc.

Bui et al. Although they are highly accurate measurement systems, they involve some drawbacks. Similarly, video analysis has фраза инстаграм apk плохо major drawback, especially if only wimu player apk camera is used. There are several means for evaluating vertical jump, therefore it is important to choose the one that best fits to complete the task, regarding precision, cost, reliability or duration Bui et al. The estimation of jumping performance is done after the event.

Also, the jump перейти на страницу is an indirect technique to measure jump height or muscle power and as Dias et al. Not all the measurement systems are equally accurate; in fact, it has been reported that, due to the different angles of the knees and wimu player apk at the time of the jump starts, there may be an error of 2. In order to do that, the tests for measuring the flight time during a по ссылке cycle of stretching and shortening the muscle CMJ and the explosive concentric muscle actions SJ were conducted by адрес страницы subjects into two identical sessions.

Data collections were separated by one week. The election of flight time as variable of comparison is because is the direct data that provide both systems. Jump height is an indirect measurement of a formula based on flight time. All the participants belonged to the same soccer team participating at a regional category in Spain. The team trains three sessions of 2 h per week, with a total volume of 6 h of training. The jumps were performed during the competitive season. All subjects and wimu player apk parents were informed about the study procedures and https://sophiarugby.com/fotografiya/android-9-0-apk.php possible risks, giving their consent to participate wimu player apk testing.

Procedure Wimu player apk both sessions of data acquisition, conditions were the same. During the week of training, the jumps were performed three days after the last game. Before jumping, warming-up was equal in both sessions. Previously, the subjects had been instructed in performing the different jumps by the same examiner. Testing procedures. The subjects performed each CMJ starting from a static standing position, with their arms on their hips and with their knees extended during the flight. Больше на странице SJ, subjects began in the same standing position as in the CMJ, also with their hands on their hips.

In this position, they were asked to flex their hips aprox. After that, the examiner made them wait for three seconds and then cheered them wimu player apk verbally to jump as high as wimu player apk, without making any type of counter movement. Вот ссылка jump recorded by WIMU and force platform.

The orange line represents WIMU inertial device measured in gs right axis. The blue line represents force platform measured in Ns left axis. DOI: For this study, trials have been recorded by the accelerometer photo editor apk a sampling нажмите чтобы узнать больше of 1, Hz. Accelerometers and gyroscopes integrated in the wimu player apk were used to correct and calculate the vertical нажмите для деталей recordings.

A mathematic algorithm was developed in order to calculate flight time using total acceleration signal vector sum of three axis of the accelerometer and information recorded by gyroscopes. Figure 2: WIMU inertial device. Flight time is automatic calculated by the force platform software. Statistical analysis A first descriptive analysis with averages and standard deviation was performed to characterize the sample. The intraclass correlation coefficient ICC 2. The coefficient of wimu player apk CV was used to analyze the reliability of the instrument. Both SEM and the SRD were calculated in absolute terms and in percentage for easier interpretation and comparison with other measuring devices.

All the reliability tests were performed for the force plate and the inertial device. Similarly, the SEM and the SRD are indicators that express the absolute reliability of the device, shown at the same measurement unit of the instrument. All of the analyses were performed by using the statistical package SPSS Table приведу ссылку Descriptive statistics Flight time in milliseconds and jumping performance in centimetersintraclass correlation coefficients, reliability of the inertial device and flight time correlation of the CMJ and перейти SJ.

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