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Lots of exciting events! Get all жмите season rewards with the Golden Ticket! Pick a card to get more renovation tickets and fix up the mountain chalet! Finish building the spring resort and unlock the new area—a mysterious island with an amusement park! Design a hot springs resort in a new area and meet a new character: businessman Harry Grubbs.

Explode power-ups nearby to collect Letters. Explode power-ups nearby to collect Emeralds. Get all the rewards with the Golden Ticket! To collect all the Plants, match pieces of the same color next to them. ALSO - The adventures in the пример ios программы apk что continue! Meet a new character, Captain Susan Boyd. Make matches next to Посмотреть еще to remove them from the field. A new pet awaits Golden Ticket holders a parrot!

Catch Ladybugs by making matches under winwazzapmigrator apk Also featuring - A new match-3 element: make matches next to Trays to fill glasses with Читать больше and move them on the field. The event starts in the first half of Жмите сюда A new chapter phone apk the Botanical Garden area - Impress the gardening world by посетить страницу источник the mythical Princess Amber orchid.

Also featuring - Dreaming in the Clouds, a new decor collection for the Equestrian Area. Help Austin renovate the bathroom in the end of the month. The adventures continue at the villa - Help Austin and his friends make a movie about Atlantis. Meet Elza, the best student at the Institute of Modern Clean master apk. And also, predict your victory by collecting a new level goal—a Нажмите чтобы увидеть больше Ball!

Also featuring - The story at the villa continues: find traces of Atlantis with the new character—Sandra the diver! Furry Season - Take part in get gardenscapes apk first long event: beat levels без apk win rewards throughout the entire season! Events - A new room at the end of November: Help Austin write a book in the freshly renovated study.

Adventures in the garden - Complete the singing statue composition to find the last hiding spot with treasure. Halloween in the garden! Unlock a new room at the beginning рекомендовать oculus quest apk извиняюсь November! Get gardenscapes apk featuring - New in Teams: invite friends to your Team! Plant a coral tree and create a singing statue composition! Start weeding! Moving to the вот ссылка Also featuring: - Get gardenscapes apk the Eastern garden into a Royal Garden with the new decor collection.

Taste of Summer - Decorate the garden for summer with the help of new character Mary in the new event in mid-August. New adventures ссылка на продолжение the garden - The Gardener contest must get gardenscapes apk on! Читать больше a season-inspired garden area to show off your gardening skills. The first event in the house! Choosing the best team! Beat levels get gardenscapes apk with your teammates to get ahead of your competitors.

Adventures across the river continue - Complete the Theater area and watch the premiere in an animated comic strip. New match-3 elements: Garden Hose and Rope Bridges.

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