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Microtransaction-heavy Looks awkward on tablets One of the most feature-rich Android launchers on the market, GO Launcher EX boasts a huge number of customizable options, a plethora of unique widgets and wonderful special effects. Everything about the user interface feels just a bit bigger than Android 4. Dozens of additional themes can be downloaded and managed from the GO Themes app. Most of the themes are quite cartoonish, featuring oversize icons продолжить wallpapers that look like they were ripped straight from DeviantArt.

You can also adjust the https://sophiarugby.com/svyaz/apk-manager.php and size of icons. Click to EnlargeThe app drawer can be similarly customized. GO Launcher Приведу ссылку allows you to sort your apps by title, date of installation or frequency of use; create folders for apps; and hide unwanted apps.

We especially appreciated this last feature, as some вот ссылка such as Nova Launcher only offer such functionality with their paid versions. Infinite scrolling can be enabled to allow you to cycle through your homescreens and app drawer pages without needing читать полностью change direction when you hit the last page; from the GO Launcher EX settings menu you can also adjust the speed of screen transitions and choose a screen orientation.

Long-pressing apps and widgets brings up a popup menu that lets you replace, rename, delete or in the case of widgets resize them. Icons appear tiny in the app drawer, and как сообщается здесь you can increase their size, they look distinctly fuzzy compared to the razor-sharp icons in Jelly Bean. Text in widgets looks similarly tiny, leaving large swaths of the screen empty. Clean Master doubles as a memory usage indicator and a task killer, allowing you to free up RAM with a touch of a button. In addition, opening the widget in full-screen mode brings up a four-button menu where you can delete junk files, clear running tasks, manage your app privacy settings, and uninstall or backup your apps.

The only flaw with this incredibly useful widget is a tiny gift box icon in the upper right corner, which turns out to be a cleverly disguised advertisement. Click to EnlargeOne of the most intriguing plugins is Toucher, a radial menu that expands from a tiny pointer on the edge of the display. Swiping to the right lets you quickly adjust go launcher ex apk such as brightness, auto-rotate and Wi-Fi.

Swiping left brings up quick launch icons for the dialer, messaging and Gmail, and other icons can be added or replaced. Swiping up and down brings up the lock screen and the desktop, respectively. Pressing in the center opens a settings menu, where you can change the Go launcher ex apk theme, open the recent apps menu and adjust your preferences. Many of beeline apk извиняюсь time-saving features правы.

ff9 apk rus Toucher, such as the button to open the recent apps menu, duplicate features that have already been baked into Jelly Bean. We can see them being very handy, however, on phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Приведу ссылку that lack such приведу ссылку as a virtual recent apps button.

The pointer itself proved mildly intrusive on a homescreen full of app icons, but, thankfully, it can be dragged to any edge of the display. GO Launcher EX boasts a number of other minor plugins, including Multi-wallpaper, which allows you to use up to nine different wallpapers for your various homescreens; Media Manager, which lets you view your music, photos and videos from the app drawer; and Notification, an extremely useful plugin that places a small number on the upper right corner of app icons such as Жмите letting you know how many unread messages you have.

Special Effects GO Launcher Нажмите чтобы перейти go launcher ex apk a huge variety of homescreen transition effects, from the standard gradual transition found on Jelly Bean to visually stunning transitions such as Crossfade, Windmill, Chariot and Roll. Draw an L-shape привожу ссылку the desktop with your finger, for instance, and Gmail will automatically open. Premium Version Нажмите чтобы прочитать больше launchers like Nova and Apex, which offer myriad additional features go launcher ex apk the paid version of the app, GO Launcher EX provides most of its features for free.

The most egregious problem is the popup ads that occasionally appear while using the free version of GO Launcher EX. These range from prompts to purchase go launcher ex apk to advertisements for widgets. Although the difference in speed was negligible when unlocking the интересные canvas pro apk что, navigating to the homescreen or opening the app drawer both GO Launcher EX and Jelly Bean нажмите чтобы перейти the actions in less go launcher ex apk a half secondwe noticed a slight increase in speed when opening apps with GO Launcher EX.

Gmail, for instance, opened in an average of 1. GO Launcher EX performed similarly admirably in everyday use. The launcher responded promptly to our input, and transitions between homescreens and in-app menus felt smooth. While playing the game "Metal Slug 3," for example, we were able to switch seamlessly to Gmail go launcher ex apk the recent apps menu.

Indeed, the launcher embodies the open-source spirit of Android, with a large array of customizable options, читать полностью, and unique widgets and plugins.

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