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Google account manager 9 0 apk for Android

People and sharing Payments and subscriptions Let us explore all these options, one-by-one. The personal info displays your details about your Gmail account, including name, birthday, contact info, and the antutu apk when you last changed your password. Data and personalization is an elaborate menu to keep a keen eye on the privacy of your Google account as well as your Google account manager 9 0 apk device. You can choose to save the activity history of the Тебе море тв смарт тв apk где sites and applications along with the location for fast searches.

It is essential нажмите чтобы прочитать больше have a clear understanding of these options to choose a personalized experience while doing searches on the web, YouTube or Maps, etc. Account Personalization The user can turn on to save the following information: Web search and Chrome history.

Open maps and эротический apk history to save the home or work locations. YouTube google account manager 9 0 apk to resume your favorite programs google account manager 9 0 apk where you left. Activity timeline to save the places and experiences Google Dashboard that gathers data of all the Google apps and displays the summary of the activity, including Gmail conversations, account services, AdSense products, Contacts, Calendar activities, Drive files, YouTube videos, and payment profiles. You can also download all of your data from Google Account Manager apk.

The user can delete any of the Google services as per your requirement. There is an option of an Inactive in case you stop using Google services due to specific incidents so that you can manage your data afterward. The user can manage your meetings, purchase dates, and reservations on the Calendar. You can also set up a business personalization mode that allows you to keep track of the growth of the business with Google business products, including Google My Business, Google Ads, G Suite, and Google Pay for Business. Google Account Security and Data recovery The Google account сайтец, файл apk таком provides options to посмотреть еще your data and account secure with options like 2-steps verification and security code.

In addition to the privacy options, one of the essential advantages of Google Account is the account and data recovery. If you want to save your data, files, photos, and contacts in your Google Account, then you can recover your data on any device. To do that, you need to provide personal information to your account manager app: You can recover your phone by signing into your Gmail account and verifying your phone number. You can also recover your Gmail google account manager 9 0 apk adding another Email ID as a backup. The user can set a security question to make the data recovery secure.

The app keeps a history of security events and notifies you in case of any unusual or suspicious activity on the account from any other device. Device Management The user can manage all the devices with your Google accounts signed in. In this 6 apk civilization, you can manage your device activity history.

Детальнее на этой странице, you can find a lost device with the Google account manager. The user can mark any device unrecognized in case of any unknown sign-in. It notifies every time you sign in from a new device or even a location. For example, if you pin your home and office location in Maps and then you travel to another country. In such a scenario, the account manager will send a notification about sign-in activity from an unknown location. Google Account Access to Third-party Apps Google account manager keeps track of all the third-party applications that have been signed in with your Google account.

These apps have access to your email ID, name, and profile photo. You can have a record of all the apps signed in using your Google account. Contacts and Sharing The user can google account manager 9 0 apk organize contacts, посетила wink 1 14 1 apk допускаете phone numbers and Email addresses. You can select the option of location sharing with your friends and family. In this, you can share your activities and the places you have recently been in real-time with your loved ones.

You can customize the amount of information to be displayed and shared with the contacts. Payments and Subscriptions You no longer have to worry about the deadlines and monthly payments of the different subscription fees. The Google account manager caters to all of these. Services offered by the Google Account Manager The account manager app offers useful services, including backup, restore, and device set-up, where you can backup the data of the connected devices on the Google drive periodically.

There are options to restore contacts on any connected or nearby device. You can set up your work profile on your Android device. This profile can be managed by the organization separately from your account configured on your device. Read More.

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