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CNN spoke to Trump supporters about election results. But the company now faces a political backlash over one of its new original shows. It appears to be loosely based on prime apk political controversies that have erupted across the country as Hindu kalley ru apk has grown. The нажмите для деталей and crew said Monday prime apk a statement that the show is a "work of prime apk and any resemblance prime apk acts and persons and events is purely coincidental.

Authorities step in The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, which has announced an intention to start regulating streaming services, said Monday that it had reached out to executives at Amazon about the show. The series has prompted other lawmakers to go to prime apk police. Ram Kadam, another BJP источник and local legislator in the state of Maharashtra, said he filed a police complaint in Mumbai over the на этой странице, accusing Amazon of prime apk to "outrage religious sentiments" and publish "material which can cause harm.

Filed complaint against Tandav Web Series at Ghatkopar police station. BanTandavNow Boycottandav pic. This month, a company executive ссылка на подробности the country "one of the most exciting streaming markets in the world right now. Original content is key to that strategy, with more opera тв apk 80 titles in production or development, Нажмите сюда told the outlet. The e-commerce and technology giant has had to pull products from its site that offended customers, such as a doormat that showed prime apk Indian flag, or a читать больше that depicted an image of the Hindu god Ganesha.

Last year, the streaming giant faced boycott calls in the country over a now-infamous kissing scene in one of its shows. The exchange, which takes place in the series, "A Suitable Boy," depicts a young Hindu woman being kissed by a Muslim man at a Hindu temple. The show angered some viewers in India, prompting a police complaint against Netflix executives. Netflix declined to comment Monday about the current status of that complaint.

Посмотреть еще police official told CNN Business apk по ссылке из google play investigation was ongoing.

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prime apk
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