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Design app themes with Theme Editor Warning: Starting with version 3. Android Studio includes a visual assistant called Theme Editor that helps you: Create and modify themes for your app. Adjust themes for different resource classifiers. Visualize the effect of color changes on common UI elements. This page introduces the fundamental tasks that you can perform with the Theme Editor, and explains how to do so.

Theme Theme apk basics This section describes how to access the Theme apk Editor, and how читать больше is laid out. From the Tools menu, choose Theme Editor. The left side of the editor shows what specific UI elements, such as apk на компьютер app bar or a raised button, look like when you apply the читать theme to them.

The right side of the editor displays the name of the current theme being previewed, the module where the theme is defined, and the settings for theme resources, such as Theme parent and colorPrimary. You can modify design themes by changing these resource settings. Themes and colors The Theme Editor allows you to create new themes, modify existing ones, and manage theme apk colors that make up the themes.

Creating new themes To create a theme, follow these steps: Open the Theme dropdown menu near the top of the right side of смотрите подробнее Theme Editor. Click Create New Theme. In the New Theme dialog, enter a name for the new theme. In the Super apk theme name list, click on the parent from which the theme inherits initial resources. Renaming themes To rename a theme, perform the following steps: Open the Theme dropdown menu near the top of the right side of the Theme Editor. Theme apk Rename theme-name. In the Rename dialog, enter a new name for the theme.

To apply the changes, click Refactor. Changing color resources To change an existing color resource, such as colorPrimary, follow these steps: In the Theme Editor, click the colored square next to the name theme apk the resource you want to change. The Resources dialog appears, which displays a list of color groups on the left side, and settings and information for the currently selected resource color on the right.

Set a color for the theme resource by either selecting a color from the left panel, or by defining a new color, as described below. Select a color The colors are listed in the left column of the Resources dialog and arranged into the following groups. Project: These are colors inside your project. Some can be edited because they are part of your project sources, and some cannot be edited because they are part of the libraries theme apk have included in your project. They are part of the Android framework and cannot be edited. Theme Attributes: These are attributes of the currently selected theme.

They are referenced by the theme and can change depending on what theme you have selected. Theme attributes are never editable from смотрите подробнее the Resources dialog. Define a new color Theme apk 1. The Resources dialog displays an editable right pane with a blank Name field so theme apk can enter a name for your custom color.

Create the custom color as follows. The steps correspond to the callouts in figure 1. Type a name for your new color value in the empty Name field. No spaces or special characters allowed in the name. Underscores and numbers are okay. Color scale, Custom color field, and dropper: On кредитный планировщик андроид apk color scale, click the color you want.

The color displays in the Custom color field. Theme apk can use the dropper to the приведенная ссылка of ссылка на страницу Custom color field to select a color. Click the dropperand then click something visible anywhere on your computer screen.

The color in the Custom color field changes to the color you selected. The HEX equivalent of your color displays in the editable field to the far right. To set the color opacity and hue, move the sliders below the color scale. Select one of the available predefined color squares. The color displays in the Custom Color field and the name changes to цель human fall flat apk действительно name of the color you selected.

Click OK to жмите your settings. The Resources dialog closes and returns you to the Theme Editor. Modify a color You can modify theme apk editable color. If a color is editable, theme apk see editable color, hue, opacity, name field, and device configuration fields. See Select Color if you want to know why some fields are editable and others are not. Adjust the settings. Click OK. Android Theme apk changes the color and opacity values of the color you picked to the material color most like it, and replaces Custom color with the name of the color from the material palette.

Viewing state lists and colors The Theme Editor allows ближе сервисы гугл apk мне to preview colors associated with different states. To do so, open the Resources dialog by clicking on the color set square next to the name of an editable state list resource. The Resources dialog displays a list of states, such as Selected, and the color value associated with the state. Click the color for a больше информации to choose a different color value.

To more fully theme apk the states themselves, you can directly view and edit their properties in the XML file that defines them. For more information, see the documentation for the ColorStateList class. Device-specific theme apk When a color is editable, you can choose device-specific configurations for your app to support. Perform the following steps to do so: Open the Resources dialog. For information about how to open the Resources dialog, see Changing color resources. Select a Project color, and then in the gta 4 beta apk of the right pane, click to expand Device Configuration, revealing the source set and name of the XML file containing theme apk resource, and a list of configuration-specific directories in which to place that file.

If necessary, change the XML file name. Check the boxes next to the directories corresponding to the device-specific configurations you wish to support. Any configuration for which you do not specify a directory defaults to using the по этому сообщению directory. For more information about the перейти на источник between directory names and configurations, источник Supporting Multiple Screens.

For more information about supported directory names, see Providing Resources. Content and code samples on this theme apk are subject to the licenses described in the Content License. Last updated UTC.

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