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Продолжить чтение description of Toad Time Dominate the exciting world of bass fishing tournaments with topwater toads! Toad Time toad андроид apk a unique first person bass fishing game with a focus on beating the banks a. Cast around cover toad андроид apk avoiding snags to find the biggest bass and win.

There are 3 different tournament levels Regional, State, and Посмотреть еще to accommodate players of all skill levels. You start with a small amount of посетить страницу, and must earn your way up from the local scene to the pros. New challenges are added as you progress through the levels. Progressive Game Modes - Toad Time gets harder as you advance by adding new challenges to the game with each level.

Test your gaming toad андроид apk to the max by trying to win big money professional tournaments, or keep it simple and dominate the local scene. Reel Challenges - Big bass tend to hide in thick cover. Like actual bass fishing — the key to winning is getting your lure in front of the right fish. Getting toad андроид apk but not too close to weeds, docks, etc. Practice makes perfect! Livewell Management - Only 5 bass can be kept in the livewell. If the перейти на страницу is full and you keep a bass, the smallest one will be released automatically.

Making a mistake can lower your overall weight! Progress is Earned - Start with only enough cash for Regional tournaments and catch your way up to the State and Professional привожу ссылку. No participation trophies here! In Game Advice - A streamlined instruction system will guide you through the learning process. Track Career Stats - Personal career stats including your best жмите are stored android apk viewing.

Share Catches Online - Compatible with Google Play Game Services so you can share your best totals, biggest bass, and achievements with others. Top scores are kept for each different level. Achievements reward Game Services XP. Show More.

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