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Запись звонков apk for Android

Call recording - a simple program that records outgoing and incoming calls using the recorder of a portable device. In the settings of the utility, you can choose to auto-record and save in the right place. Feature Remember how often commander apk had to frantically search for a запись звонков apk of paper and a pen to write down the necessary information.

And how often do you forget the necessary data, exposing yourself in запись звонков apk awkward position? With the Call Recording program, these problems can be left in the past. Now every call - incoming or outgoing, from contacts from a notebook or from unknown numbers - will be recorded on the recorder and saved in. You can always re-listen to the recording to clarify the necessary points. Features To use the program do not need root-rights. No system читать больше. The запись звонков apk is activated only during a call.

Without user intervention. You do not need to click on the record or in any other way control the process - the program will do everything on its own. No glitches. Excellent optimization guarantees recording алридер apk 37 all conversations and saving them in the right place in the internal storage or on a memory card.

The Call Recording utility works invisibly for the interlocutor and the user himself - it turns on automatically, saves the file and turns off. No vibrations or sound effects.

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