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Whats new Whats new in Wildberries 3. And with a new version of the app that just got wildberries apk. Whats new in Wildberries 3. The logout button has moved from the main page of the Personal Account to the "My Data" section. Happy ! We are preparing for the new year. Look at the "Points of issue of orders" section in your Personal Account - perhaps you have a point of issue or a checkpoint closer to your home?

In addition, the application has the usual increase in discounts https://sophiarugby.com/muzika-i-audio/gugl-pley-tv-apk.php a steady improvement in stability. In the meantime, we have returned the "Favorite Brands" section, improved filters and improved a few little wildberries apk to make purchases even more comfortable. Посетить страницу an annex for Shopaholic Day, finalized a few little things. The rest is just imperceptible internal changes. We worked on it and on little things. Both are good.

In the grid of products, a preview of products was added: hold down the product - a large photo, price, name and other parameters will appear. In the Cart, we now offer similar items to items that are out of stock to make it easier to find a replacement. We remind you that you can get to My Searches from your Personal Account or from the search bar wildberries apk the main page and in the catalog.

Collections of similar products have been added to the Pending and Waiting List: it is now easy to find a replacement for items that are out of stock. We have updated the view of the "carousels" with products so that from there you can also wildberries apk a product to the cart. Completed about thirty little things. Photos there can now be scrolled without even going into the product card. In addition, more than 50 improvements were made, most samsung health monitor them are invisible. Wildberries apk the same time, several dozen little things were corrected.

The rest of the edits are not so noticeable, but they are also useful and important. Catchy, laconic and in harmony with the current читать wildberries apk of the company. The review screen has been updated to make rating products much more enjoyable and convenient. Plus, a few not-so-significant things have been finalized. Click on the status of the product in the "Delivery" section - the details will appear.

Redesigned the "Deliveries" section in case there are no actual deliveries now. In addition, we have made 30 not so tangible improvements, but no less important for us and for you. In the new version of the wildberries apk, some shortcomings were eliminated and improvements were made to improve the stability of the application. Enjoy the shopping! In the new version of the application, we have reworked the "Balance" section, https://sophiarugby.com/razvlecheniya/maps-me-apk.php use of which has now become even more wildberries apk, accessible and understandable!

Also, some bugs were eliminated and improvements were made to improve the stability of the application. Apk террарию, you can order a washing machine or wildberries apk with home delivery in the app! Stay at home, and we https://sophiarugby.com/sotsialnie/com-sika524-apk.php bring all the equipment you need!

Now wildberries apk do not have to leave home to pick up your purchase - you can arrange delivery to the door, even if it https://sophiarugby.com/razvlecheniya/bive-tv-apk.php issued at a deluxe apk lazymedia point! In the updated version of the application, in order to improve wildberries apk, we added the ability to receive notifications if your account was logged in from another device. Some bugs were also fixed. As you may have already noticed, in the previous version we added a fingerprint scanner for reliability, but in wildberries apk version we decided to further improve security and added the possibility of contactless delivery!

In this version, we have updated the design of the main among us signed apk чит And also increased the reliability of the application, you no longer need to enter the code from SMS, just use the fingerprint scanner! In this version, we have updated the design of the personal account. And also increased the reliability of the application. In this version we have updated wildberries apk shopping cart and simplified the checkout process. In this version, we have updated the design wildberries apk the filters.

In this version, we have added a new Google Pay payment method! In this version we have added a "Premium" section. There have also been minor improvements to improve the stability of the application. In this version, we have updated the filters and prepared for the autumn holidays. Адрес страницы this version, we have updated the shipping information on the main page of the application. Also, small improvements were made to increase the stability of the Good Shopping application Whats new in Wildberries 3.

In this version, we have restored the это apk файл standoff 2 путают of the "Deferred" section. The section "My deliveries" and delivery statuses have been improved. The ribbons with goods have been improved, now you can see the cost of goods. Wildberries apk this version, minor improvements have been made to improve the stability of the application.

In this version of the application, in addition to minor improvements, the design of some sections has been reworked! In this version we added wildberries apk section "Personal data" and slightly improved the display tvbro 1 4 5 apk the size table. Also, traditionally, made various fixes that improve the work and stability of the application! We are actively preparing for the release of new features, they will appear in one of the next updates.

At the same time, we worked on the stability of the application and fixed a few minor errors. Pah-pah-pah, we do not have significant ones. Added a new installment type. Worked on optimizing the application. And we continue to develop new functionality to make it easier and more convenient to buy. Follow our updates! We added the possibility of multiple selection of goods in the pending and waiting list. Recycled size table on the product screen. And at the same time they corrected some shortcomings so that the application runs even faster and it is even wildberries apk convenient to use it. Ahead is the holiday of all lovers, and by this day we have worked on the stability and speed of the application, in order to order gifts to loved ones it was even easier!

Also, added the помощь smart tv apk согласен to add and wildberries apk goods from pending directly from the screen of the goods. We continue to work on improving the application and try to take into account your wishes. We added the possibility of authorization in the application through social networks. Improved the display of addresses of pickup points on the map. Made it possible to selectively remove goods from the cart or transfer to the pending.

And also carried out the optimization and corrected some shortcomings. In this update, we have improved stability and fixed some shortcomings in the navigation through the application. In this update, we have tried to make the application more convenient and functional. Added the ability to search from the catalog, update product reviews and many other not immediately жмите сюда, but useful trifles.

And of course, we fixed some errors. Before the New Year, we decided to redesign the application and redesign the navigation for more convenient and effective search for gifts and other necessary goods in our store. Have a good shopping and good mood! Whats new in Wildberries 2. In this update, we fixed some bugs and improved the stability of the application. We are actively preparing for this event and in this update узнать больше the application more convenient and reliable.

Wildberries apk are expanding the presence of our online store in the CIS countries, and now the order of goods is available to residents of Armenia. In this update, we fixed some errors and prepared for World Shopaholic Day. Stay with us and stay tuned. Now, in order to receive an ordered order, it will be easier for you to get to the point of self-delivery! Now you can add the liked goods to the basket or in the "Delayed" items right from the wildberries apk Just click on the "Track" button, and you will see microg apk download current information about the status of your order!

Now, taking goods from the point of self-delivery or receiving them from the courier, you can see all the goods that are in the delivery. To mix up wildberries apk goods became impossible! We taught the application to search for products by photo: you can either take a photo directly from the application, or select a photo from the gallery - the application will pick up similar products. They added a new way to receive the order: pick it up in the store. At such goods next to the button "Add to Cart" wildberries apk the button wildberries apk in the store. And if you click wildberries apk this line, the price detail will appear.

Categories are moved wildberries apk the side menu. Whats new in Wildberries 1. Same: - Added support for multiple warehouses; - Improved stability of the application.

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