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If the player is not authenticated, your game may encounter errors when making calls to the Google Play games services APIs. This documentation describes нажмите чтобы перейти to implement a seamless sign-in experience андроид в формате apk your game. Implementing player sign-in The GoogleSignInClient class is the main entry point to retrieve the account of the currently signed-in player, and to sign-in the player андроид в формате apk they have not previously done so on your app in the device. To learn продолжить about using tasks to manage threaded work, see the Tasks API developer guide.

To create a sign-in client, follow these steps: Create a sign-in client via the GoogleSignInOptions object, as shown in the following code snippet. In the GoogleSignInOptions. Builder to configure your sign-in, you must specify GoogleSignInOptions. Builder GoogleSignInOptions. Any other scope causes the apk combo time silent sign-in to fail, except for users who have already signed по этой ссылке successfully on a different device. Call the GoogleSignIn. Check whether player apk тему already signed in You can check whether an account is already signed in on the current device using GoogleSignIn.

If both conditions are true—that is, getLastSignedInAccount returns a non-null value and hasPermissions returns true—you can safely use the account returned from getLastSignedInAccount что apk editor pro полная версия тоже, even if the device is offline. When the task completes, you set the GoogleSignInAccount field you declared earlier to the sign-in account that the task returns as the result, or to null, indicating there is not a signed-in user. If the silent sign-in attempt fails, you can optionally адрес страницы the sign-in intent to display a sign-in user interface, as described in Performing interactive sign-in.

To perform the sign-in silently, follow these steps: Call the продолжение здесь method on the GoogleSignInClient to start the silent sign-in flow. Handle the success or failure of the player sign-in by overriding OnCompleteListener. Перейти на страницу sign-in was not successful, you can send a sign-in intent to launch an interactive sign-in flow. Try the silent sign-in first. A status code of CommonStatusCodes.

In this case, your продолжить should launch an interactive sign-in flow as described in the next section. Performing interactive sign-in To sign in with player interaction, your app needs to launch the sign-in intent. If successful, the Google Sign-In API displays pro apk user interface that prompts the player to enter their credentials основываясь на этих данных sign in.

The result is returned via the onActivityResult callback. To perform the андроид в формате apk interactively, follow these steps: Call getSigninIntent on the GoogleSignInClient to obtain a sign-in intent, then call андроид в формате apk and pass in that intent. If sign-in result was not successful, you should handle the sign-in error for example, by displaying an error message in an alert. Builder this. For example, you can call getCurrentPlayer to load the currently signed-in player. To do this, call GoogleSignInClient. If the task successfully returns the Player object, you can then call the methods of the Player object to retrieve specific player details for example, getDisplayName or getPlayerId.

Providing a sign-in button To provide a standard Google sign-in button in your game, you can use one of these approaches: Include a com. SignInButton on the main activity layout; or Design a custom sign-in button according to the Google Sign-In branding guidelines. When users click the андроид 4 4 apk button, your game should initiate the sign-in flow by sending a sign-in intent, as described in Performing interactive sign-in. This code snippet shows how you can add a sign-in button in the onCreate method продолжить your activity.

To allow Google Play games services to launch pop-ups по этому сообщению views in тв гугл apk хром game, call the setViewForPopups method. You can further customize where the pop-up appears in the screen by calling setGravityForPopups. Send feedback Except as нажмите для продолжения noted, the content of this aforkplayer apk is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.

For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. Last updated UTC.

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