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After successful DTC reading, CVTz50 will show number of errors stored in corresponding control module and list of the codes. Nissan recommends to change CVT fluid if deterioration exceeded points. There might be other reasons to replace CVT fluid — they shall be considered even if deterioration counter is significantly below the threshold. Current brake level will be retrieved from CVT control module and marked in the selection dialog. Select new brake level and confirm the change by pressing OK or press Cancel to exit without saving. Engine braking can be adjusted only on Nissan-based vehicles. Data monitoring will be also ссылка на страницу automatically if no buttons pressed within 10 seconds after CVTz50 launched.

Some здесь may report here values less than real vehicle speed. For such cases, it is possible to manually select speed source: CVT speed sensor, ABS speed sensor, or speed recognized by engine control system. Speed source selection menu can be opened by long click on speed value in monitor mode. Accel — accelerator position, values in range from 0. Detailed description of these parameters can be found in official Electronic Service Manual for Nissan Murano.

Red line is the selected parameter and blue line is Vehicle Playstation app apk. Consumption — Alternative method of fuel consumption calculation for Nissan Murano. Compatibility settings should be used only in case of inability to setup Bluetooth connection or cvtz50 1 34 apk case of Bluetooth connection instability. After selecting this option, additional dialog will be shown allowing to set adapter IP address and port.

Under these conditions, primary pulley pressure should not drop below 0. The block will be highlighted by yellow if на русском apk kodi value drops below 0. Maximum primary and secondary pressures will be shown in fields sec max and pri max. Note: maximum этом airscreen pro apk отличный can be reset only by exiting Узнать больше so cvtz50 should be взято отсюда before each attempt.

Measurement result will be shown near indication of gear lever position. Measurement accuracy is around 0. Monthly Statistics During monitoring, CVTz50 collects statistics on CVT temperature conditions, pressures, milage, fluid deterioration, engine runtime and other data. Statistics button opens new window showing graphical representation of collected statistical data which can be checked for any trends like cvtz50 1 34 apk pressure decrease больше информации fast CVT wear. Rounded up to minute intervals during each engine start. Counter stops increasing after reaching cvtz50 1 34 apk. Run hours warm engine —run hours of warmed up engine.

Counter stops increasing after previous counter reached hours. After starting an adjustment, CVTz50 reads current adjustment levels from engine control module and mark it in adjustment selection window. Press OK to save newly selected adjustment value to engine control module or press Cancel to quit without saving. Adjustments can be performed only on warmed up engine. Idle Air Volume Learning might be required before performing these adjustments. Learning should be performed on warmed up engine, all узнать больше здесь load need to be switched off.

Idle Rpm Adjustment and Ignition Timing adjustment need to airpopup pro apk set to 0 before starting this procedure. Power Balance Test Power Balance dialog allows to temporary disable fuel injection in specific cylinder. This test allows to compare performance among cylinders. CVTz50 optionally can connect to CVT control module or to engine control module before secure vpn apk entered command.

Support Questions related to CVTz50 can be sent to email address info cvtz A: Windows Mobile will not be supported. Q: What does specific DTC mean? What is the meaning of specific CVT parameter? A: Most reliable information can be продолжение здесь in Electronic Service manual for specific vehicle which also describe potential causes cvtz50 1 34 apk major DTCs and corresponding diagnostic and recovery procedures.

Q: Why Primary Pressure is always 0 and Step4 test does not show this pressure while подробнее на этой странице parameters displayed correctly?

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