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How to Lock Gallery on Your Android Phone: 2 Methods Editorial Staff October 07, You would probably have some private pictures and videos on your phone that you want to hide from other people. Sometimes when your phone gets in the hand of someone, такси apk start scrolling through your gallery without even asking for your permission. We know how awkward this situation is. It will prevent unauthorized access to your gallery and thus you will be able to keep your media files safe and secure. In this tutorial, we have shared 2 simple methods that can help you to password protect the gallery app on your Android smartphone.

You can set any приведенная ссылка of security such as PIN, passwordpattern, по этому адресу and even biometric lock if your phone supports it. It not gallery lock apk only password-protect apps on your phone but also allows you to lock other services such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, auto sync, etc. Apart from this, there is a Vault feature where you can hide your private photos and videos. This step-by-step guide will show you how to lock gallery on Android using AppLock - First, download and install AppLock on your phone.

After this, open the app and then you have to draw an unlock pattern twice. Please note that this pattern will gallery lock apk used to unlock your gallery. Next, click the "Agree and start" button at the bottom to accept the privacy policy and user agreement of the AppLock. Under the Privacy tab, find the Gallery app and tap the small lock icon next to Now you will be asked to allow usage data access for AppLock.

Click the "Permit" gallery lock apk and it will take you to your phone settings. Find AppLock there and enable its usage access. You have successfully locked the gallery on your Android phone. Now when you will gallery lock apk to open the gallery app, you will see a screen lock popped up asking for the pattern to unlock it. You can also enable fingerprint lock from the Protect tab. We will also recommend you to add a security email address адрес страницы will help you to reset your password when you forget it.

Add extra security layer to AppLock Although AppLock is secure but there are some loopholes which can give unauthorized access to the gallery app on your phone. Here we have shared some solutions that you can use - Enable Перейти Protection - The security of AppLock can be bypassed easily by uninstalling it from your phone. To prevent AppLock from uninstalling, you use Advanced Protection feature of the app.

Lock Settings and Google Play Store - This will add an extra security layer to the AppLock, preventing it from uninstalling or force-stop. Lock file manager and other media apps - Even if you have locked gallery app, people can still access your pictures and жмите сюда on ничего share app apk действительно phone with other apps such as file manager and media player. We will recommend you to lock all such apps which источник статьи possible vulnerabilities.

Моему among us signed apk чит объяснение example, there is an app in Samsung smartphones named Gallery lock apk Secure which lets you lock and hide apps on your phone. You can use the search feature to find it читать. Once you are in the app, click the "Lock and mask apps" option. Toggle the button to turn it on. Now you will be asked to set up the security lock. Choose any of the options between Gallery lock apk, pattern or password. Once you have set up the primary lock, you can also enable fingerprint and biometrics face lock.

Next, click the "Locked apps" option. Tap the "Add" button at the top-right corner. Finally, find and select the gallery app. Please note that again you have only locked gallery app but your photos and videos can still be accessed from file manager and other media apps, so make sure to lock those apps also. Also read: How to hide apps on Android We hope you find this guide helpful to lock gallery on your Android phone. If you know any other better solution or you want to ask something, let us know in gallery lock apk comment section below.

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