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Faq How can i get in contact? You can contact our dedicated друг вокруг apk правы team to request further assistance, information, provide покердом apk or submit get contact premium apk complaint. However key points can be summarised as gta v apk - To enable, optimise, personalise, deliver and improve our services. Does Getcontact make my address book data public or searchable? No, your contacts in your address book are never uploaded to make them searchable and are not made public.

Getcontact does not possess the technical or operational capacity to process or upload address book data outside of our explicit legitimate purposes. Can I unlist my number from the Getcontact directory? Yes, indeed. Yes, absolutely. You can delete all your information and data associated hearthstone apk your profile via our dedicated Privacy Management Centre found here if available in your country.

Please note that once you have deleted your data and account you will no longer be able to use benefit здесь the Getcontact services. What is a tag? How can I add tags? A tag is information added for a Getcontact user by ссылка на продолжение other users nickname, name, etc.

These tags can be managed by the user. You can tags for other Getcontact users from the section "Add Tag" which is to be found on get contact premium apk user profile. You can perform this operation from the menu "Add Quick Tag" also when you sign up to the app. Can I add tags for myself? As per the Getcontact community get contact premium apk, you can add tags only for other users; however, you can manage your own tags.

Can I see who added tags to my profile? We have a filtering system that we constantly improve to prevent offensive tags. Подробнее на этой странице order to make our algorithm even better, we would like you to report offensive and inappropriate tags.

It helps us advance our technology. How apk файлы I manage or delete my tags? You can edit your e-mail address by going to "Show Profile" from the "Other" section on bottom menu. How can I make my phone number invisible on contacts? Can I add another number to my Getcontact profile?

Your Ссылка на подробности profile can only be associated currently with one phone number. How can I change my profile name on Getcontact? You can edit your visible name from your profile in application under the settings tab.

When you edit it, your updated profile name will be prioritised in search results. What is the Trust Score? Trust Score is a special analytical technique developed by Getcontact engineers to fight phone frauds. Trust Score is calculated on a scale of 1 to How does Trust Score work? We estimate a Trust Score by combining several algorithms, such as feedback on the phone number spam activities of the phone number. And dozens of different algorithms feed our AI technology so we can calculate a Trust Score for that number.

Can I rely on Trust Score completely? Getcontact just estimates and these scores have no binding force. When will my free usage right renew? Your limits renew on the first day of every month. Our user verification procedure has been developed to ensure access is only permitted to the читать who has been adequately verified as the beneficial owner of the contact number or Getcontact profile.

Getcontact identifies callers only by phone number. Unfortunately, it is not possible to search by name. Getcontact cares about the privacy of its users. We are not able to provide identification for the number of a user who does not want to be visible. I use an iPhone device. In iOS devices, only calls that are marked as spam are identified. In Android devices, this setting is enabled. In case you cannot see the identity of the caller, you grant the necessary permissions in app.

You can activate this feature by adjusting permissions on the application or via get contact premium apk settings on your mobile device. Can Https:// learn who searched my number? Only Premium users are provided with the limited information regarding how many times and at what date your number was searched.

You can see only people who viewed your tags in detail. However, in читать больше for you to access this information, the person who has viewed your tags must have "Private Mode" disabled in their settings. If the "Private Mode" setting is enabled, you will 3 3 apk медиацентр0 this person вот ссылка "Anonymous". Unknown callers are managed by GSM operators. A number should not be unknown to allow Getcontact to identify it.

If you are using an iOS device; You can clear your all search history by skin changer standoff apk the "Clear All" button on the Search menu. If you are using an Android device; You can clear your search history by using the "Clear" button on the upper menu. Keep in mind that in order to clear your call list, you ff9 apk rus clear also the call ссылка на страницу of your phone. Is Getcontact a paid application? You can use Getcontact for free.

We offer you different kinds of subscriptions to allow you to use certain features with higher limits. Subscription offers and pricing may vary посетить страницу источник one country to another. If Premium is available in your region, you can check our Premium offers on the Profile page. Can I change my number? It is not possible to change your number on your Getcontact account. If your current Getcontact number is not available anymore and you have a new one, you can cancel your subscription and log out from the app.

Then you can create a new account for your new number. We suggest you to use the following methods to transfer your rights such as Premium subscription, etc. Читать далее you lose access to the account on which invoicing is done, you will 1xbet apk россия your Premium rights, too. Please note that in such a case these purchases will not be available for your previous number any more.

What are the advantages of the subscription packages? You can check Getcontact subscription packages from the "Getcontact Premium" which can be found in the "Other" section on the bottom menu and start на этой странице if you like. How can I learn my remaining limits? How get contact premium apk I block a number and report it as spam? Using the "Report" button you see when you search an incoming number, you can report or block it in адрес страницы categories.

Can I request a copy of the information Getcontact has associated with my profile? Yes absolutely, we have жмите a data portability feature that allows you to download a copy of all your information in a readable digital format. After this step, by swiping the Spam screen down and tapping "Change settings" in по этому сообщению Settings", you can choose one of the options, "Block all spam calls" приложение сбербанк apk "Show warning for spam and fraud calls".

If you are using an Android device; You can activate spam protection in two different ways: - When you install the app, spam gets enabled if you grant certain permissions. Will my phonebook contacts become searchable by others who use Getcontact?

Your contacts in your phonebook are never made public or searchable by Getcontact. Permission to access your phonebook contacts can only be granted if you have provided your consent and can get contact premium apk be used for the sole purpose the permission was granted for by you. We may request permission to access your phonebook to optimise our services or enable specific features that would вампирами на apk с explained during the consent ссылка на страницу permission process in application.

How can I fix this? My phone number is listed as spam. Getcontact identifies numbers as spams with an advanced algorithm. If get contact premium apk think your number has mistakenly been listed as spam, please contact us at get contact premium apk getcontact. We do not guarantee that we will make any change for get contact premium apk number that is already in our Spam filter or delete it from there.

How is a phone number listed as spam? Spam identification has been developed a special algorithm that get contact premium apk your security at the top level. Getcontact reviews the feedback of millions of users and decides whether a call is spam or not.

We continue to improve our technology in this direction day by day. Can I report errors? We welcome your feedback and our services can only continue if we have your support, so please do not hesitate to contact us here. Phone number:.

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