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In addition to being a library apk файл, COM also implements some important services in this library. For clients, COM supplies basic functions for creating objects. For servers, COM supplies the means of exposing their objects. Implementation-locator services through which COM determines, from a unique class identifier CLSIDwhich server implements that жмите and where that server is located. This service includes support for a level of indirection, usually a источник статьи registry, between the identity of an object class and the packaging of the implementation so that ссылка на продолжение are independent of the packaging, which can change in the future.

Transparent remote procedure calls when an object is running in a local or remote server. A standard mechanism to allow an application to control how memory is allocated within its process, particularly больше на странице that needs to be passed between cooperating objects so that it can be freed properly.

CoInitializeEx replaces the other function, adding a parameter that library apk файл you to читать далее the threading model of the thread: either apartment-threaded or free-threaded. A call to CoInitialize simply sets the threading model to apartment-threaded. OLE compound document applications call the OleInitialize function, which calls CoInitializeEx and also does some initialization required for compound documents. Therefore, threads that call OleInitialize cannot be free-threaded. For information on threading in clients and servers, see Processes, Threads, and Apartments.

In-process servers do not call the initialization functions because they are being loaded into a process that has already done so. As a result, in-process servers must set their threading model in the registry under the Apk файл among us key. For detailed information on threading issues in in-process servers, see In-Process Server Threading Issues. It is also important to uninitialize the library. For each call to OleInitializethere must be по этому сообщению corresponding call to OleUninitialize. In-process library apk файл can assume that the process they are being loaded into has already performed these steps.

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