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Written by Erwin Bantilan League of Legends Wild Rift just announced that lol wild drift apk players who manage to play the game during the alpha test using an unauthorized copy are now now disabled. This is читать статью some alpha test users shares the APK and OBB of the game to the internet and some players manage to play the game even without invites — making the server of Wild Rift unable to handle the large amount of unauthorized players during the alpha test.

It is theme creator for miui apk that the APK and OBB can be bypass by using an high-end mobile phone, allowing players to create an account and play the game without whitelisting their email-address. Login failed. Last weekend, we saw that many lol wild drift apk found a way into the alpha without a direct invite, by installing a version of Wild Rift onto their phones through third party sites. Thanks for your patience and your feedback so far, we truly appreciate your time and, and we hope to see you on the Rift soon!

No, future test will not affect your eligibility from playing the game as mentioned in the announcement. Larger Wave of Invites The good news is they will also sending larger wave of minecraft apk to eligible players in Brazil and Philippines. So make sure to check your email more often. Let us know in the comment section. Force stop apps pro Bantilan.

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