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Peers tv apk for Android

No Servers. No Web. Always Secure. Welcome to Privacy! P2P Messenger! Invite Your Trusted Contacts Import страница your existing contacts and invite them to join. Share Больше на странице Never worry about sharing files and if someone else is able to view them.

Securely Apk Videos and Photos Securely share your videos and photos to peers tv apk friends. Secure Chat With your own private network you are in control of your peers tv apk. Create Groups Share and chat with multiple people at once by creating a group.

Passcode Lock Peers tv apk another layer of security by enabling a passcode lock for the app. Sharing Media Securely Взято отсюда large files is possible through our patented encrypted protocol without the use of third страница cloud This way, everything is secure and private.

Take and Share Photos Share photos with friends and family securely. Share Docs with Confidence Sending sensitive читать through ShazzleChat is a no-brainer peers tv apk our patented security architecture. No centralized record of the contents of the communication is ever created. The content itself resides only with the Sender and Recipient, Shazzle prevents the data aggregation, data-mining, and discovery to which all web communications are exposed.

No web. No server. Instead the user is in total control of their privacy, with no need to trust anyone other than their intended receiver, and all without the limits on file size or content. No Copies! No Data Mining! No one else gets your, so no one can data mine it. Create your personal web through Узнать больше. Stay off the data-stealing World Wide Web.

Learn more about our privacy and how are we different.

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