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X apk investing in a Link starter kit and multiple additional читать больше, my system suddenly stopped working about a week ago. I tried everything, but after being unable to reconnect wink тв apk Link hub to the network, I emailed support. How can a company discontinue support for a product that they are still actively selling?

And the solution was a tiny discount on an extremely more expensive starter kit. Goodbye Wink. Update: I узнать больше здесь the developer feedback, and understand that unfortunately things do happen. However, when I contacted Wink regarding this issue which I did before leaving feedback I was offered an extremely small discount on their most expensive starter pack. Had I been offered any discount on a hub to correct this issue, I would have just ordered the hub and moved on. I did reply twice to Wink support to inquire about a discount on just the hub, and I have received absolutely no reply.

Clearly they do not value their customers смотрите подробнее they would have reached out wolfram apk this incompatibility became an issue. As recent feedback indicates, I am not alone. Get it together! Developer ResponseThanks for the feedback. The GE link hub was not made by Wink. This Was a GE product that they stopped supporting about 2 wink тв apk ago. This means that they were not updating this product, and unfortunately and issue happened about a few weeks ago that caused issues with them connecting that we can это simpler premium apk отказываюсь fix unless we have the rights to the GE link hub.

Both of those Hubs are made by us and will provide a much more stable experience. We also do aroma manager apk sell the device on our website, if you click to buy it brings you to the Amazon. This will be taken down momentarily. I bought one of these Wink hubs to connect some smart devices around the home. I had to subscribe to their wink тв apk just to get it connected which was not only a surprise, but probably the dumbest model I have ever seen from a smarthome company.

But its only 4. Not a great start. After several hours of wink тв apk to читать далее it just to connect to my wifi Продолжить work in technology and am very familiar with hardware, software and networkingI reached out to get some apk 8 7 2. Fast forward a few days and no follow up from them. I reached out again. Fast forward another week and I get посетить страницу источник email that they are inundated with support requests since they started requiring subscriptions and that my ticket is being closed and that I продолжить чтение need to reach out again to wink тв apk support.

Dump Wink NOW before they collapse and trap your devices! Wink is a sinking ship which is extorting its loyal customers to stay afloat for a few extra weeks. On 27July Wink made my Wink Hub2 unusable by turning off anything other than local WiFi control unless you pay them their blood money. It would be like Ford demanding a monthly ransom to continue using their car, or Hamilton-Beech doing the same to continue using their blender. Even my ability to remove devices was turned off Нажмите чтобы узнать больше wink тв apk far away from Wink! No Details Provided The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update.

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