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Released another update to make Yandex. Disk a little easier to use. Improvements are yandex apk, but important. More 3. Then we improved it. Nothing changed on the outside, we just tidied up a bit inside. Disk now offers video yandex disk apk. See for yourself: in the settings, open Yandex. Then set up a meeting and send the link. If anyone sends you a link to a video meeting, you can just open it in Вот ссылка. Disk and join right away.

This is a great way to organize your photos how you want, which makes it easier to find and share pictures. Now recently uploaded photos and videos are displayed in an elegant new way. You can also share them. If you have iOS 13 gallery apk set the system to automatically switch to dark mode, then Подробнее на этой странице. Disk will work the same way.

Meet the new feed! Even though it looks different, it still works the same: tapping photos and videos opens the viewer, you can hide sections, contents can be easily shared, and tapping a title brings you to the folder with the uploaded photo, video, or file. Not to mention it simply works better. To help you enjoy your photos, we made it even easier to navigate your collections. Just yandex disk apk to switch нажмите для продолжения them. Disk now features new smart albums called Beautiful and Sort. The Beautiful album collects photos you can enjoy revisiting again and again.

Check out the Sort album for photos you might need to yandex disk apk or delete. Нажмите чтобы увидеть больше are standard albums too, like Camera, Video, and Screenshots, where files are divided by type. To make it easier to access these albums, we grouped them all into one section. Go to it by tapping the menu in the lower panel. Disk Pro subscription with 1 TB yandex disk apk the mobile app. Disk Pro means more space, no ads, and файл установки features. Disk Pro subscription with 1TB in the mobile app. Disk makes it easier and more enjoyable to take regular trips down memory lane by smartly grouping your photos into themed folders.

Go to Yandex disk apk and open a folder to view the best photos from your past, grouped together based on when they were taken. You can also choose how to view your photos yandex disk apk as a gallery or in a list. Disk to listen to music, audiobooks and language lessons. You can now shuffle tracks, play them one-by-one or repeat the same track over and over again. Disk: the app now features a proper audio узнать больше здесь. It all the tracks in a folder one by one, and the music controls взято отсюда now available on жмите сюда lock screen.

This time, we combined three actions into one section called "Share". Use it to either share a file, share a link to a file, or save a file to your device. We also added previews in push notifications. The app now lets you delete public links to files. Disk now works with the application Files on iOS 11 and higher. You can access your videos, photos and documents in the cloud from other application on your device.

Enjoy improved app stability. Go to the section, scroll down, and see for yourself. In the settings of the application, you can now select the жмите сюда that will be opened when you open Yandex. More Information.

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