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MediaPlayer Apex launcher apk integrate audio, video, and images in your apps easily, the Android multimedia framework exo player apk you with the support of MediaPlayer. The MediaPlayer class is used to play media in android devices. It supports almost all types of media format present in Android. Using MediaPlayer in our app is very easy. But the main drawback of the MediaPlayer is that it supports very little customization i.

So, if you want to customize your media player then you should use ExoPlayer. What is ExoPlayer? Is ExoPlayer new to you? Wait, have you watched any YouTube video today? So, you have already used ExoPlayer. ExoPlayer is a media player library that provides a way to play media with lots of customization in your android app. It includes smooth streaming and encryption of the played video. But the best advantage of using ExoPlayer is its customization property.

You can customize your video player according to your needs. For example, if you want to add just the exo player apk button, then add that feature only. It provides the apk su of playlist and you can also clip or merge or loop your media. So, there are many other features in the ExoPlayer that you can use as per your needs. So, you will find each and every support for the ExoPlayer on the Developers website of Google. But this is not a matter to worry about.

The video played in the MediaPlayer does not support the smooth streaming. Editor pro старой версии is not there in MediaPlayer but it is in ExoPlayer i. MediaPlayer is less customizable exo player apk compared to the ExoPlayer. To have a deep understanding of страница the MediaPlayer and ExoPlayer works, see the below image: Here you can find that the Exo player apk is implemented inside the Operating System of Android and due to this you will find it difficult exo player apk customize the MediaPlayer нажмите для деталей to your needs.

But in the case of ExoPlayer, the implementation is done inside our App. So, you can easily customize the ExoPlayer in your app. But there are a few disadvantages of using ExoPlayer also. For example, if you want to play audio only, then you should go with MediaPlayer because ExoPlayer consumes more battery than MediaPlayer. Also, since the ExoPlayer is present in our application, so it will increase the APK size by a few hundred kilobytes. Using ExoPlayer is quite easy.

You need to follow four steps and you are good to go. Add dependency of ExoPlayer in your application. Add ExoPlayer in your layout file. Exo player apk function will initialise the ExoPlayer in the player детальнее на этой странице and it will play the media when the player is ready. You can call this function from onStart or onResume. Exo player apk, you need to make a function to release the player. This method will be used to get the Playback position, find the states of play and pause used in the ExoPlayer and also to release the player and set the player to null when we are closing the activity or fragment.

You can call this function from onPause and onStop. So, we will be using these four steps to play the media in our application. Exo player apk States In any player used for media playing, there are 4 states present in that player. These states are Idle, Buffering, Ready and Ended state. A simple view of these states are: Picture courtesy: Exoplayer Idle Player.

Buffering Player. Ready Player. Ended Player. This state must be added before destroying an activity or a fragment. To use these states, you can override the onPlayerStateChanged function and here in this function you are provided with the playbackState of the player and you can this playbackState variable to perform various actions like when the state is BUFFERING, then you can show some progress bar.

So, now we are done with the theory part of the ExoPlayer. ExoPlayer example In our example, we will be having only one Activity i. Step1: Add dependency of ExoPlayer in your application In your app-level build. For ExoPlayer we are using PlayerView here, which can be used to play both audio and video. Also, it displays the subtitles of the video and it has many other features also. You can use the PlayerControlView also. The following is the code of theMainActivity. Builder this. Factory dataSourceFactory.

You can also use ExoPlayer. Another thing that is done inside this function is, we are getting a random URL from our urlList and we are preparing exo player apk player to play that URL by calling the preparePlayer function. In the preparePlayer function, we are getting the media source and we are preparing exo player apk player by calling the prepare function and passing the mediaSource to it.

To release the player, we have releasePlayer function. This function is using the release method of ExoPlayer to release the player. In the onPlayerStateChanged function, we are handling the progress bar i. Also, we have onPlayerError function to handle the error in the player. And finally, textnow apk 2020 are calling the initializePlayer function from onStart and releasePlayer function from onStop.

Now, you can exo player apk the app and play the video. Handling orientation change Till now, we are источник with the coding part of the ExoPlayer. But there is one drawback. Try exo player apk change the orientation of the device while playing the video. You will find that after changing the orientation, the video will start playing from the initial state because the activity is recreated here. So, we must handle this situation because our video must play from the same place exo player apk it was in the other orientation.

So, to remove this problem, use the below code in your AndroiManifest. You are done with a functional ExoPlayer. Customize the player by adding some more features to your ExoPlayer app. You can go to the ExoPlayer website and learn more about the ExoPlayer. Conclusion So, we have covered a lot about ExoPlayer in this blog. But this нажмите чтобы увидеть больше not all about ExoPlayer, there are a lot of other features of ExoPlayer. Instead of so many features, before using ExoPlayer, you must think of the features that your app requires i. So, explore more about ExoPlayer from here. Keep Learning : Share this blog to spread the knowledge Share on Facebook.

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