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An excellent player for Android devices This Windows classic ports perfectly to Android phones Vlc apk for Android is a well-designed, slick app that allows you to watch videos and play audio on your Android phone. It trumps built-in video players by offering a huge degree of нажмите сюда vlc apk terms of both playback, ordering, and app settings.

Remember - VLC for Android is a video vlc apk, not an editing app. VLC for Android remains faithful to its original color scheme but thankfully has brought its interface right up to scratch with a purpose-designed Android interface that, while not particularly cool, vlc apk intuitive and easy to use. Where can can you run this program? This version читать полностью VLC is for mobile phones and tablets running Android. Is there a better alternative? We also wonder how many people actually need a standalone video and music player these days, when so many get their entertainment from Netflix and Spotify.

Should you download it? If not, then we doubt you even need an app like this no matter how solid it is. VLCfor Android.

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