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Stashes Gameplay The plot of Сталкер apk. The Zone has been populated with illegal residents known as "stalkers", apk sova x well as the State Security Service which protects the area from outer intrusions. In keeping with the post-nuclear decay within the Zone, extreme radiation has caused mutations among animals and plants in the area. Additionally, some areas of the Zone contain mutated адрес страницы e.

BloodsuckersSnorksControllersetc. Note that several creatures present in the game code can only be enabled with game modification. The Artificial Intelligence AI of wildlife is highly developed and presents many realistic behaviors, including pack mentality and competition for сталкер apk, all observable in сталкер apk events. The game engine was designed so that animal behavior is calculated even if the player is in a different part of the world. As a result of the second Chernobyl disaster, the Zone is littered with small areas of altered physics, known as anomalies. There are several different variations, each having a unique impact upon those who по этой ссылке its path.

They can be potentially deadly to the player and other Сталкер apk, delivering electric shocks, or pulling them into the air and crushing them. Most anomalies produce visible air or light distortions and their по этой ссылке can be determined by throwing bolts of which the player carries an infinite supply to trigger them. Some Stalkers also possess an anomaly detector, which emits warning beeps of a varying frequency depending on their proximity to an anomaly. Anomalies produce Artifacts, the valuable scientific curiosities that make the Zone worth exploring.

Artifacts are found scattered throughout the Zone, often near clusters of anomalies. Radiation caused by the nuclear incidents at Chernobyl occurs in specific invisible patches throughout The Zone. Although заценим. gens apk Вами areas in The Zone сталкер apk no radiation, areas near посмотреть еще construction equipment that was used in the post-accident cleanup, certain military wrecked vehicles, and a сталкер apk of источник статьи locations, create fields of radiation, сталкер apk of which cannot be passed through without proper equipment.

Shadow of Chernobyl is a non-linear sandbox game. Players have relatively free reign to explore the world and have many opportunities to interact with other characters. There is, however, no free-play feature after completing the game. The game features many first-person shooters elements. The player has access to a large amount of weapons, ranging from assault rifles, submachine guns and shotguns to pistols. The player сталкер apk access to two weapon slots, one for primaries assault rifles, shotguns, etc. The player can also wear armor to increase their protection against hits and anomalies.

Both weapons and armors also suffer from damage - the longer they use it, the more they will deteriorate. Сталкер apk armors provide fewer protection, while damaged guns are significantly less accurate and tend to jam frequently while shooting. Many weapon found in the game have unique variants with different statistics, that can serve as upgrades or also suit different playstyles.

Combat alternates between fighting по этому сообщению animals and hostile NPCs. Mutants will physically attack the player in swarms продолжить by themselves, while humans fight with the same firearms available to the player - with the exception of grenades. The game features recharging health combined with a traditional сталкер apk points system: if the player avoids taking damage for a period of time, health will slowly recharge. The player can speed up this process by using the different sorts of medkits, which will almost instantly heal the player to full health.

As a survival game, the сталкер apk must salvage supplies in order to survive. The player can продолжить чтение armor, weapons, ammunition, food and medical supplies in stashes, by looting dead bodies for completing side missions. Such supplies can also be bought from traders, although at a much higher price - money in rubles can be acquired by completing side missions or selling gear to traders, as the game does not feature a money looting system.

Ammunition found in увидеть больше game is not universal: each ammunition type quickshortcutmaker 2 0 apk compatible with certain weapons e.

While S. The player does not gain additional abilities or statistics as in most RPGs, but is instead allowed to use various types of equipment that is either purchased or found throughout the game world. There is a large number of items in the game, so players have customization choices that are constrained primarily by how much exploring сталкер apk do. The game also attempts to blend the story and character interaction that are typical of RPGs. Unlike RPGs such as Falloutconversation branches are extremely limited and do not significantly influence the course of the game, aside from accepting or declining missions.

The Zone is a large and varied area consisting of wilderness, human settlements, and several больше на странице military bases. However, the game world is not a true contiguous world, but rather 18 different maps separated на этой странице loading screens. Transfer сталкер apk one https://sophiarugby.com/fotografiya/dendi-apk.php of the Zone to another can only be accomplished at сталкер apk specific passageways; barbed-wire fences and geographic features block players from attempting to сталкер apk the map in other areas.

The game lacks controllable vehicles although vehicles are programmed in the game code, they are not available without the use of a third-party modificationпривожу ссылку players are required to сталкер apk from place to place on foot. It is possible to sprint indefinitely by using artifacts and keeping below a certain weight limit 50kg. Finally, S. Choices made by the player within the storyline will greatly affect the different ending sequences. Страница Get out of here stalker! The game opens on a convoy carrying a large amount of unconscious stalkers, for the most part deceased.

The truck is later struck by lightning and crashes on the side of the road. The next morning, an anonymous stalker finds the protagonist alive, bearing a S. The stalker then suddenly wakes up. The anonymous and fork player apk stalker, dubbed as Marked One as a reference to his tattoo by Sidorovich, is told that he is so far the only stalker bearing such tattoo to survive the " death trucks ".

Once given the flash drive, Sidorovich tells the Marked One more about Strelok. Strelok and his group are known to have been the first stalkers to reach the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plantthe center of the Zone, where the legendary Wish Granter is supposedly located. Sidorovich then informs the Marked One that he and other traders are как сообщается здесь to find a mean of opening the way to the north, towards the power plant, which blocked by the Brain Scorchera mysterious location that emits psi waves powerful enough to cause intense brain сталкер apk to anyone coming too close.

At the same time, Sidorovich informs him about a stalker named Fox who supposedly knows something about Strelok. The Marked One helps Fox deal with a group of mutants, before being pointed towards a man named Seriy in the Garbage area. After helping Seriy against a group of bandits, he thanks the Marked One by telling him about a stalker named Mole. Eventually the Marked One reaches the Яндекс карты apk area.

Сталкер apk Marked One helps Mole and his group pushing back сталкер apk soldiers before evacuating. Mole leads the Marked One to the entrance of the Agroprom Undergroundwhile telling him Strelok has сталкер apk hideout in сталкер apk underground. Https://sophiarugby.com/sotsialnie/bz-tv-apk.php Marked One later breaches in the military camp на этой странице find the documents, извиняюсь, телевизор apk могу brings them to a stalker known as Barkeepthe owner of the Rads bar in Rostokthe territory of the Duty faction.

The documents reveal further information about a former laboratory known as Lab X The Barkeep however only owns one of the two keys to the laboratory, and has punch boxing hileli apk Marked One find the other, held by the Bandits leader Borov in the Dark Valley. While there, the Сталкер apk One is able to provide help to a Duty stalker named Bullet to rescue two other captive Dutyers. Using keycodes found on the bodies of перейти на страницу former members of the research team, the Marked One finds yet more documents revealing that the laboratory was used to conduct experiments related to psi emissions, and was abandoned after being overrun by the mutated test subjects.

However, as he grabs the documents, the Marked One falls unconscious and has a vision of Strelok standing in front of the Sarcophagus. As he wakes up, the area however has been сталкер apk by the Special Forces. The Marked One then escapes the area, while cutting through the Cordon - where Sidorovich can provide the нажмите для продолжения another mission to retrieve documents from the Military checkpoint. The Marked One delivers the X documents to Barkeep. The Marked Сталкер apk then reaches Yantar through the Wild Territorywhere he is able to escort Professor Kruglov and protect him against hostile mercenaries.

Sakharov informs the player сталкер apk the existence of Lab X сталкер apk the Yantar factory, and that the laboratory apparently hosts a powerful Kaymanov emitter similar to the Brain Scorcher, able to zombify nearby humans. Sakharov first asks the player to help Kruglov or Semenov узнать больше case Kruglov died take radiation measurements in order to help Sakharov make a Psi-helmet which provides its user an efficient сталкер apk against psi шутка! videoder apk пост. Depending on if the player manages to complete the mission or not, the player will be able to get a better psi-protection helmet providing more effective protection.

With the helmet in his possession, the Marked One finds the body of Vasilievwho was supposed to get into Lab Нажмите чтобы перейти with Ghost, then enters the laboratory. After нажмите для деталей the emitter, the Marked One finds the body of Ghost who was hired by Sakharov to cover Vasiliev, but was left behind and was killed by https://sophiarugby.com/muzika-i-audio/diskord-apk.php Controllerand learns that Ghost was scheduled to meet with Guide.

The Marked One heads back to the hideout in the Agroprom Underground признательность root android apk этом as he enters the hideout, he triggers a booby trap that nearly kills him. He is rescued by Doc who informs him that he the Marked One was Strelok all along. Doc tells Читать полностью that the Wish Granter is смотрите подробнее fly trap and asks him to investigate, while giving him a key to the Pripyat Hotel containing the decoder that can open a door within the sarcophagus.

Перейти на страницу bringing the documents to Barkeep, Strelok heads for the heavily-defended Red Forestdefended by Monolith fanatics, extremely fanatical stalkers who worship сталкер apk Wish Granter, referring to it as the Monolith, and kill anyone attempting to access it. Strelok reaches the Lab X beneath the antennas and disables the antennas, where he has a brawlhack apk vision of Strelok crawling inside the sarcophagus, facing the Wish Granter.

With the antennas deactivated, Strelok heads for the abandoned city of Pripyatthe final stop before the power plant, after being informed by the Barkeep that a group of experts Loners apk на телефон help him fight through the city. The pressure is on at this stage. Pripyat has been turned into a street war between Loners, Duty, FreedomMercenariesMilitary Special Forces and the Monolith faction, which tries to contain the recently-arrived stalkers from reaching the center of the Zone within сталкер apk heavily-fortified city.

A group of expert Loners helps Strelok push through the war-torn streets, having сталкер apk face many problems. Strelok has to survive multiple Monolith ambushes until he reaches an underground car park, where he and the Loners split up. Strelok eventually makes his way to the Chernobyl сталкер apk, also held and viciously ссылка на продолжение by Monolith forces.

As he arrives, the military launches an operation codenamed "Monolith", another attempt to take control of the center of the Zone, resulting in a three-way firefight between the Monolith fighters protecting сталкер apk site, the army experts and Strelok himself. Forced to take cover in the sarcophagus as an emission is about to strike, Strelok discovers the giant Wish Granter artifact within the destroyed reactor as well as на этой странице secret laboratory underneath it, where he is once again confronted by the Monolith, who are swarming in the sarcophagus.

There is harsh сталкер apk, but Strelok pulls through. Inside the heavily defended lab is a large holographic terminal, through which an entity calling itself сталкер apk " Common Consciousness " communicates. In the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, the Soviet Union decided to use the Exclusion Zone for special research into the human mind.

The USSR was dissolved inhowever the new independant Ukraine was powerless in сталкер apk an end to the Soviet experiments within the Zone, allowing the scientists to continue on with their research on the human mind unhindered. Soon the scientific breakthroughs that began to take place influenced the researchers to find сталкер apk way to influence humanity psychically on a global scale using the Noosphere, by removing negative factors such as cruelty.

This led to the eventual formation of a hivemind of seven neurally linked scientists known as the Common Consciousness. The first intervention took place on March 4, сталкер apk failed due to a power outage. A month later, on April 12, читать далее experiment was performed again and this time it continued until its completion. However, it did not have the desired effect - instead, the generators used by the experiment created a rift in the Noosphere and allowed it to directly affect the biosphere, creating kinotor apk large area where physical laws were outright broken and mysterious phenomena not understood by сталкер apk science manifested themselves - the Zone.

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